Moksha Bhaskar Naik


Navigating Finance with Wisdom and Innovation

Moksha Bhaskar Naik

Chief Financial Officer,

Petropath Fluids (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Robert J. Shiller once said, ‘Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving a good society.’ Moksha Bhaskar Naik embodies this profound guidance in her journey with Petropath Fluids (India) Pvt. Ltd. as its CFO. Armed with an academic foundation rooted in economics, Moksha possesses a deep understanding of economic theories that goes beyond the textbooks. Her strategic acumen is evident in the meticulous application of economic principles, particularly in working capital management.
She balances liquidity and risk-return dynamics for optimal financial decisions, ensuring stability and growth. Moksha’s cost control strategy aligns reduced costs with increased returns, emphasising financial prudence and profitability. Her budget planning involves analytical precision, ensuring both immediate security and long-term development. Moksha employs economic concepts like risk management and diversification, strengthening Petropath Fluids against uncertainties. Her leadership emphasises informed decision-making, combining fiscal discipline and visionary goals for the company’s success.
TradeFlock interviewed her to understand her strategies, and inspiration behind her success. 

How do you simplify complex financial information for nonfinance colleagues as a CFO?

As a CFO, my communication approach centres on clarity, customisation, transparency, and responsiveness. I distil complex financial data into understandable language, ensuring accessibility for all employees. Customising my message, I adapt to diverse audience interests, delving into detailed financial analysis for some and connecting economic issues to daily tasks for others. Openness is paramount; I maintain an open-door policy, encouraging questions and providing regular updates on our financial status. Feedback is valued, enabling constant improvement. By eliminating ambiguity, being adaptable, fostering transparency, and embracing feedback, I promote understanding and actionability in financial matters, enhance cooperation between departments and contribute significantly to our firm’s growth and success.

What financial challenges did you face in your role, how did you handle them, and what did you learn from these experiences?

As CFO, I navigated crucial financial challenges, refining my skills and approach. Addressing the working capital imbalance, we optimised cash flow through streamlined processes, enhancing both liquidity and supplier relations for expansion. Amidst market pressures, we instilled a cost-oriented culture, identifying excesses and renegotiating contracts, ensuring long-term savings. Adapting to new regulations, we revamped tax compliance with strategic planning, emphasising vigilance within budget constraints. These experiences underscored proactive adaptability, connecting management goals with financial strategies. They honed my sophisticated budget planning and data-driven decision-making skills, fostering a positive mindset and resilience in the face of change. These lessons have profoundly shaped my growth as a financial leader, enhancing both my effectiveness and the firm’s overall output.

Do you have a finance industry mentor? What qualities or lessons from them influence your professional journey?

My parents, both inspirational figures, have profoundly shaped my approach to finance. My father’s resilience in the face of financial challenges instilled in me the belief that obstacles are opportunities for growth. His unwavering dedication taught me the importance of persistence and adaptability in navigating the complexities of finance. In contrast, my mother’s leadership style, marked by grace and determination, emphasised the power of actions over words. She showed me the significance of teamwork and collaboration, leading by example and fostering a collaborative environment. Her approach highlighted the essence of compassionate and ambitious leadership in achieving success. Their combined wisdom continues to guide my journey in finance, shaping me into a leader who values adaptability, teamwork, and resilience. I am deeply grateful for the enduring impact of their teachings, which have become the foundation of my professional approach.

How do you use technology in finance, and why do you choose specific technologies for better performance?

At Petropath Fluids India Pvt. Ltd., our finance strategy is deeply rooted in technology integration. Presently, Tally serves as our dependable ally, offering realtime insights and streamlined processes. As we set our sights on the future, transitioning to SAP stands as a strategic move. SAP’s advanced capabilities will not only enhance our efficiency but also support our global expansion endeavours, providing comprehensive financial solutions. Furthermore, our proactive approach includes exploring AI tools. By delving into predictive analytics and machine learning, we aim to stay ahead in our industry, swiftly adapting to market shifts and ensuring precise decision-making. This cohesive integration of technology not only guarantees compliance and accuracy but also reinforces our commitment to innovation and sustainable growth at Petropath Fluids India Pvt. Ltd.

Describe your leadership style in three words and explain why these traits are essential for a CFO role.

My leadership style as a CFO is defined by its collaborative, resilient, and empowering nature. Collaboration forms the core of my approach, emphasising open communication and organisational unity to synchronise monetary goals across departments. This collaborative mindset ensures that financial decisions align seamlessly with overarching organisational objectives. Additionally, resilience is fundamental in the face of challenges, allowing me to adapt, learn, and turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and development. Finally, empowerment is at the heart of my leadership philosophy, involving team members at all levels and fostering a sense of ownership and commitment. By empowering individuals and encouraging their growth, I create a positive, collaborative work environment that aligns with the dynamic demands of the finance industry. These qualities are essential in navigating complexities, fostering a motivated workforce, and ensuring our financial strategies evolve in harmony with the organisation’s needs.
















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