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Zulfiquar Kamal

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Finance is an ever-evolving industry that demands a fusion of expertise and forward-thinking for success. Zulfiquar Kamal, the Director of Finance at ZIM Laboratories Limited, embodies this fusion. Zulfiquar’s journey, which stretches back over three decades, bears a deep influence from the critical role finance played in his family’s success story in the 1970s. This early exposure ignited a profound passion for financial management, setting him on the path to a distinguished career in business and finance, ultimately leading to his prestigious title as a Chartered Accountant.
Zulfiquar’s venture into the finance industry took its first steps during his article-ship at the renowned CA firm, Loya Bagri & Co. There, he meticulously refined his skills and developed a profound comprehension of the intricacies of finance. His entrepreneurial drive soon prompted a collaboration with his uncle in the pharmaceutical sector, which resulted in the transformation of their family business into a paragon of professional excellence. Throughout this journey, Zulfiquar came to realise the transformative potential of compliance and structured processes, recognising their pivotal role in fostering growth and sustainability.
His association with ZIM Laboratories Limited spans over a quarter of a century. His association with the company commenced in 1991, when he assumed a pivotal role on the Board of Directors, marking the commencement of his enduring relationship with the organization. As the Director of Finance, he skilfully orchestrates ZIM Labs’ commercial operations, infusing his expertise into every facet of financial planning and analysis.
Zulfiquar’s vision for ZIM goes beyond mere financial management. He envisions a future where the organization stands as a beacon of financial efficiency, celebrated for its operational excellence and technological prowess. His role transcends conventional financial responsibilities; he is the mastermind behind building an exceptional financial and accounting team, ensuring a delicate balance between revenue and expenditure. His strategic acumen, coupled with profound industry expertise, has led to positive business outcomes, propelling ZIM Laboratories to unprecedented heights. Zulfiquar’s leadership stands as the driving force behind the company’s remarkable success and its vision for a future defined by financial excellence and innovation.
In a recent candid conversation with TradeFlock, Zulfiquar shared the essence of his professional journey and what continues to drive him today. 

What were the major challenges that you have faced so far? What did you learn from them, and how did you overcome them to emerge as a successful professional?

Steering through the intricacies of seamlessly implementing financial regulations at every phase of our company’s expansion presented substantial hurdles. The task of garnering unanimous understanding and commitment to the importance of stringent financial discipline was no small feat. This experience emphasised the demand for analytical, datadriven leadership within our organization. One important thing we learned from this journey is that regulations are meant to help, not hinder, a company’s growth. To tackle these challenges, me and the team came up with creative ideas, did thorough research, and found practical solutions that allowed us to follow the rules while still moving our company ahead.

How would you define ZIM Laboratories as an organization and its position in the market? How do you keep your organization in tune with the latest developments in the finance sector?

ZIM Laboratories Limited, a publicly listed company on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, stands as a prominent Pharmaceutical innovator. Our specialization is elevating generic molecules through groundbreaking drug delivery systems, including revolutionary Thinoral® Technology. We maintain a steadfast focus on stringent compliance standards, coupled with an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. In order to sustain our position in the market, we actively engage with key stakeholders. This encompasses interactions with banking partners, our internal teams, esteemed members of the board of directors, and clients across India. These engagements provide invaluable insights into the dynamic financial landscape, enabling us to make strategic decisions that align seamlessly with the evolving market dynamics. At ZIM Labs, our commitment is to prioritising data-driven strategies that combine the power of human expertise with cutting-edge technology. The team and I personally champion the adoption of the most current tools to keep our organization agile and attuned to the everchanging financial landscape. This proactive stance, alongside our steadfast dedication to innovation and compliance, equips us with a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical sector. It positions us as industry leaders, ready to seize future opportunities and tackle forthcoming challenges.

What has been your response to the challenges posed by the COVID-affected market, and what were your strategies to tackle the challenges?

In the face of the challenges brought on by the COVID-affected market, ZIM Laboratories responded with resilience and agility. Despite rising API prices, logistical constraints, lockdowns, labour shortages, and attendance issues, we successfully supplied essential pharmaceuticals to various government institutions. Ensuring timely manufacturing and delivery while prioritising the safety of our personnel was our primary concern. Our strategies were centred on collaboration, employee well-being, and community engagement. We promoted teamwork among our colleagues, placed a high value on the health and safety of our staff, and supplied essential resources to local authorities in their battle against COVID-19. Moreover, we meticulously managed our supply chain to ensure timely access to vital materials. By remaining flexible and compassionate, ZIM Laboratories adeptly steered through these challenges, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to delivering essential healthcare solutions even in the midst of adversity.

What advice would you like to give to up-and-coming leaders who are aspiring to kick-start their careers in the field of finance operations?

In the realm of finance, agility is paramount. The ability to adapt is the key to success. Achieving effective outcomes requires a delicate balance of priorities. Inclusive leadership, where every contribution is valued, is fundamental. Developing emotional intelligence in personnel management is crucial. By systematically organizing processes and utilising streamlined financial models, aspiring finance leaders can empower themselves for long-term success. These principles serve as the foundation for sustained excellence in the field.
















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