10 Best Leaders from Finance in India 2023

10 Best Leaders from Finance in India 2023
10 Best Leaders from Finance in India 2023


In the dynamic tapestry of India’s business landscape, leaders from the finance sector emerge as architects of transformation, wielding an innovative influence that transcends traditional fiscal boundaries. Beyond balance sheets and profit margins, these financial stewards navigate the complexities of risk and opportunity, strategically allocating capital to sculpt the contours of corporate evolution. Their visionary approach extends into the digital frontier, where financial pioneers harness the power of fintech, blockchain, and digital currencies to redefine transactional landscapes and amplify operational efficiencies. In the face of regulatory complexities, these leaders emerge as custodians of compliance, weaving a seamless fabric of governance that not only shields enterprises from turbulence but also beckons investor confidence. In its newest issue – “10 Best Leaders From Finance in India 2023”, TradeFlock applauds these avant-garde financial visionaries for their contributions to their respective organisations, their remarkable professional journey and the inspiration they are giving to the next line of leaders. 

Menrva Technologies

Balaram Rouniyar

Head of Finance

56 Secure

With a career trajectory spanning retail, e-commerce, fintech, AI, and SaaS, and presently at the helm of finance in the security solutions industry, Balaram exemplifies adeptness in addressing multifaceted challenges within the finance segment. His profound understanding of the evolving role of finance manifests in his unwavering commitment to transforming the function into a strategic powerhouse. 

AUK Computing

Guda Srinivas

Chief Financial Officer

Orb Energy

Guda Srinivas is a stalwart of transformative finance leadership. His journey encompasses multifaceted sectors, where adaptability, strategic collaborations, and nuanced comprehension of industry-specific dynamics underscore the path to success. Guda’s expertise traverses various sectors, commencing with a notable impact within manufacturing.

Chropynska India

Johan D'Souza

Vice President Finance

Orange Health Labs

Johan is known for his financial vision and for enhancing financial reporting. With a sharp focus on profitability, risk management, and stakeholder relations, he continues shaping the financial futures of various industries. Beyond financial forecasting, Johan also managed compliance, navigating complex FDI and RBI regulations across multiple regions.

Senior Director

Moksha-Bhaskar Naik
Moksha Bhaskar Naik

Chief Financial Officer

Petropath Fluids (India)

Moksha possesses a deep understanding of economic theories that go beyond the textbooks. Her strategic acumen is evident in the meticulous application of economic principles, particularly in working capital management. She balances liquidity and risk-return dynamics for optimal financial decisions, ensuring stability and growth.

Regional Sales Director

Raghunath Debur

Assistant Vice President Finance


With an illustrious career spanning 45 years in the realms of finance and auditing, his journey reads like a testament to unwavering dedication and unyielding passion. In his career, Raghunath dedicated 25 years to hospitality, three to the service industry, and 17 to diverse sectors, including retail and non-retail industries.

Energy & Utilities,

Sandeep Kejriwal

Co-Founder, COO & CFO

Virtual Forest

Sandeep’s leadership extended beyond finance, encompassing facilities, procurement, legal, and corporate sustainability functions. His comprehensive understanding weaves multifaceted threads into an organisation’s financial fabric, reflecting his operational excellence and astute financial stewardship.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Viswanath Rao

Chief Financial Officer

Immuneel Therapeutics Private Limited

Vishwanath’s experience encompasses roles across global conglomerates, promoter-driven companies, startups, and listed public entities. He boasts corporate finance, business strategy, FP&A, investor relations, M&A, and compliance expertise, from steering fundraising initiatives to leading critical roles in business valuations and post-acquisition integration. 

Amzur Technologies

Zulfiquar Kamal

Director (Finance)


With his strategic acumen and profound industry expertise, Zulfiquar has led to positive business outcomes, propelling ZIM Laboratories to unprecedented heights. Zulfiquar’s leadership is the driving force behind the company’s remarkable success and vision for a future defined by financial excellence and innovation.