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Sayan Goswami

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Determination and resilience have a remarkable power to shape history. In the case of Sayan Goswami, Chief Marketing Technologist at INDULGE, these qualities laid the foundation for a journey that transformed him into a trailblazing marketing expert. Sayan’s journey through marketing technology defied convention, rooted in a self-taught ethos and a penchant for experimenting with varied campaigns across platforms. His evolution spans from traditional marketing methods to navigating the complexities of the digital realm and delving into intricate omni-channel setups.
What distinguishes Sayan is his fusion of self-acquired expertise with acute regulatory awareness. He adeptly interprets TRAI guidelines and the transformative effects of GDPR on marketing landscapes. This blend of adaptability and foresight enables him to navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing compliance and innovation. Beyond technological advancements, Sayan views technology as pivotal for operational enhancement. Drawing from experiences in brand and agency domains, he sees disruption not as upheaval but as the art of setting clear expectations, employing rigorous testing, and infusing innovation into scalable strategies.
Sayan’s narrative is one of determination, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to embracing change. His expertise extends beyond marketing; it embodies a mindset seeking to redefine success in this dynamic landscape. TradeFlock interviewed Sayan to learn more about his adaptability, skills, and foresight. 

How did your roles at Aaguan, Group Landmark, and INIT Design Studio shape your current role as Chief Marketing Technologist?

Moving from an English Literature Honours to an MBA with a tech interest sparked a diverse perspective. Each role exposed me to diverse sizes, cultures, and leaders, honing my unique viewpoint. Constant shifts in roles fueled my drive to tackle real-time business challenges. Staying updated on marketing tools and crafting custom solutions became my forte, thanks to this diverse experience. Negotiation skills have been a consistent asset, enabling me to advocate for new ideas. Access to varied systems, tools, and budgets, as well as a penchant for experimentation, compounded my learning curve. My current role thrives on a technical niche, storytelling prowess, a love for advertising, and a passion for efficiency. The amalgamation of these traits has been instrumental in shaping my journey to this position.

Transitioning between diverse industries posed challenges. How did you overcome them?

Understanding the immediate challenges and providing quick solutions to them is key whilst venturing into new industries. Early weeks involve keen observation, understanding operations, and data benchmarking. Addressing pain points early with management support is crucial. Despite diverse goals in software, automotive, agencies, and concierge services, prioritising customer-centricity remains pivotal. Focusing on customer engagement and satisfaction has been my go-to strategy.

How do you navigate the equilibrium between strategic marketing and technological advancements within your role?

In my role, I intertwine strategic marketing with technological advancements by aligning long-term objectives like SEO, heavily influenced by Google’s SERP updates, rewarding quality and intensifying competition. Mar-tech advancements, especially in ad-tech every few years, introduce format, placement, and algorithm changes. For instance, influencer collaborations, initially hard to track, are now measurable for ROI, allowing long-term deals in this creator economy. Adapting technology facilitates strategic realignments, crucial during events like the pandemic, enabling swift strategy shifts based on real-time data.

How has tech transformed marketing across industries? Key insights for every marketer?

Technology’s impact on marketing spans industries, with a shift towards digital-centric strategies, if not a digital-first approach. It extends from generating demand to shaping consumer journeys and deeply influencing customer experiences. Today’s marketing encompasses a multifaceted landscape, integrating technology layers to synchronise with sales, operations, and omni-channel lead tracking. For digital products, there’s immense growth potential, leveraging downloadable resources. While intuition persists, data-driven decisions hold sway, convincing stakeholders with indisputable logic. The imminent largescale adoption of programmatic in out-ofhome advertising excites me, promising real-time data’s role. Embracing Gen-Z’s perspectives is crucial, urging marketers to constantly upskill, whether through courses or a self-taught approach. We’re on the cusp of an AI-driven era where tools are streamlining tasks, cutting costs, and opening new communication dimensions.

What's your vision for future marketing tech, and how do you see your role evolving based on your experience in its progression?

The future of marketing technology will pivot on machine learning evolving into advanced custom AI, hyper personalising every interaction. Despite this, human touch remains vital, notably in Indian retail. The human role will shift towards an assisting capacity within funnels. NLP and LLM combinations will unlock new market opportunities. Web3 and metaverse advancements will integrate into every marketer’s plan, enabling granular contextual targeting for instant user needs fulfilment. Voice and audio adoption globally impacts both short- and long-term goals, while device formats and wearables offer emerging ad placement potential. Imagine ads that understand aspirations, respecting privacy while suggesting recommendations based on income parameters—a trend already underway but poised to sharpen further. For example, brands shall begin to target your refrigerator shelf directly beyond the departmental store shelves. Improved decision-making via predictive analytics and real-time adjustments becomes pivotal in performance marketing. Exploring deep machine learning for personalised curation excites me, especially in diverse markets like India. Measuring multi-lingual video marketing performance and considering tech fatigue in timing interactions will become crucial as segments adapt to digital detoxification.

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