Irfan Prawiradinata

Architect of Adaptive Leadership in Business Dynamics

Irfan Prawiradinata

Chief of Strategy,

RUN System

T oday’s business world is dynamic, constantly undergoing evolution and presenting a myriad of challenges. The ability to navigate these complexities requires an extraordinary skill set, with a hypothesis-based approach proving to be essential. The hypothesisdriven approach is recognised for its importance in ensuring purposeful and evidence-backed decisionmaking. Irfan Prawiradinata’s journey from management consulting to the helm of strategy at RUN System mirrors the strategic evolution demanded by today’s business complexities. Irfan, serving as the Chief of Strategy at RUN System, adeptly exemplifies this methodology, relying on structured decisions and evidencebased strategies. This proficiency not only optimises resources but also aligns seamlessly with organisational goals, establishing him as a visionary leader. His foundation at BCG, with a background spanning across Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, instilled in him the art of breaking down complex problems into manageable components—a skill he continues to apply in digital transformation. The “80/20” rule and the principle of being “hypothesisdriven” became guiding lights, steering Irfan’s focus towards impactful strategies. It’s not just about doing things; it’s about doing the right things, as 80% of output often stems from 20% of input. Irfan’s transition to Chief of Strategy at RUN System was not merely a career move but a strategic alignment of personal values and professional goals. His motivation to make a social impact converged perfectly with RUN System’s mission to proliferate digital transformation in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The company’s vision of reaching not just largescale enterprises as their stronghold, but also underserved villages aligns seamlessly with Irfan’s belief in the power of technology to bridge gaps and catalyse positive change. 10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024 22 What sets Irfan apart is not just his strategic acumen but also his commitment to mentorship. Spearheading a mentorship programme at RUN System, he is actively shaping a culture of collaboration and growth within the organisation, where bosses are seen as valuable resources rather than obstacles. TradeFlock interviewed Irfan to learn more about his strategies and growth plans.

What career achievements or moments are you most proud of?

Reflecting on my work at RUN System, securing a strategic partnership with Google, listing our SaaS products on the Google Cloud Marketplace, and acquiring eCampuz, Indonesia’s top university management systems provider, were pivotal achievements. Launching IKAS, our PoS and Payment Gateway app for micro-enterprises in underserved areas, reflects our commitment to tech-driven economic inclusion. At BCG, I co-authored impactful whitepaper research reports for UBER’s “Unlocking Cities” campaign, analysing ridesharing’s effects across Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, and Australia

Could you explain the strategic importance of RUN System becoming a Google Cloud Partner and listing its SaaS portfolio on the GCP Marketplace?

Securing RUN System as a Google Cloud Partner and listing our SaaS portfolio on the GCP Marketplace strategically expands our global presence and sales channels. As the third Indonesian tech company to achieve this, we leverage the SaaS wave, enhancing our digital ecosystem with products like R1, our cloudbased ERP. This asset-light expansion aligns with our international growth strategy. Partnering with foreign system integrators amplifies our market reach while maintaining core engineering domestically. These achievements, coupled with ongoing expansion efforts, define an exciting trajectory for RUN System in 2024, with anticipation for more strategic collaborations.

How do you navigate Asia's tech landscape, considering innovation, competition, and regulatory factors?

In navigating the tech landscape in Asia, our approach at RUN System combines innovation, strategic differentiation, and regulatory compliance. We prioritise innovation through a culture of continuous learning and experimentation, leveraging partnerships with tech giants like Google to implement emerging technologies such as AI. To tackle competition, we focus on differentiation by adopting a customercentric approach. Exploring new market segments and forming strategic partnerships allows us to carve out a unique market position, fostering agility in a competitive environment while ensuring regulatory compliance.

How do you use your strengths to address weaknesses in your role as Chief of Strategy?

Leveraging my strengths as a people person and my affinity for creating a positive social atmosphere, I navigate the challenges of my role as Chief of Strategy. Drawing from my experience as the associate representative at BCG, organising social events has honed my interpersonal skills. This unique blend of analytical rigour and effective communication fosters a dynamic work environment where breaking traditional moulds and driving team performance go hand-in-hand with humour and camaraderie.

What key challenges have you faced in leading your company's international and market expansion strategies?

Spearheading RUN System’s international expansion presents challenges ranging from navigating regulatory landscapes to fostering cross-functional collaboration. Coordinating diverse teams and aligning objectives necessitates robust PMO, planning, and communication. Negotiating partnerships in new markets demands adept stakeholder management and negotiation skills. Being well-prepared with data, strategically packaging information, and delivering compelling presentations—skills honed at BCG— are crucial to overcoming these challenges

What do you envision for your future, both personally and professionally?

My future plans revolve around propelling RUN System to become a global market leader, not just in Asia but on a worldwide scale, contributing to Indonesia’s digital transformation goals. On a personal note, I aspire to achieve this while also raising two pugs—a balance I hope to strike in this evolving economy.