Joseph Mark Aquino

A Visionary Architect Transforming Asia's IT Landscape

Joseph Mark Aquino


Experts Academy

As businesses undergo digital transformation and experience exponential growth, the imperative for impenetrable cybersecurity solutions becomes increasingly paramount. Here, the digital landscape is fraught with intricate challenges and potential vulnerabilities. It is within this context that the indispensability of the human element in cybersecurity becomes glaringly evident. As organisations embrace digital, the effectiveness of cybersecurity strategies not only relies on fortified technological defences but crucially hinges on the knowledge and awareness of the human workforce.
Recognising the multifaceted nature of cybersecurity, Joseph Mark Aquino, a distinguished leader with over two decades of experience, stands as a vanguard in championing the critical role of human expertise within this paradigm. In his capacity as President at Experts Prime IT Services, Mark spearheads the delivery of comprehensive solutions. The company’s focus on Managed Security, Cybersecurity Maturity Level Assessment and other IT Consultancy Services, underscores his commitment to providing holistic cybersecurity measures that acknowledge the dynamic interplay between technology and human factors.
Mark’s visionary leadership extends beyond technological fortification to address the need for a knowledgeable and securityaware workforce. This is exemplified through Experts Academy, an initiative that Mark leads, which introduces a pioneering cybersecurity skills capability program. It features four key stages, fostering security awareness, foundation training to role-specific training, and continuous education through hands-on simulations and cyber ranges. This initiative elevates IT professionals’ capabilities and cultivates a robust cybersecurity culture.
Mark’s influence extends beyond his immediate roles. As a strategic IT consultant for Chooks-to-Go Inc, and various government and private entities, he actively contributes to fortifying national cybersecurity infrastructure, emphasising the importance of the human element. With expertise honed through senior management roles at Okada Manila and Smart Communications, Mark is a guiding force in reshaping the future of cybersecurity education, acknowledging that the human factor is the linchpin in ensuring digital resilience and security.
For the unfamiliar, Chooks-to-Go Inc. is the largest rotisserie chicken company in the Philippines. Okada Manila is a famed integrated resort which boasts of a grand scale, located in the heart of Entertainment City in Pasay City Philippines. Smart Communications meanwhile is one of the two giant mobile communications service providers covering the Philippines’ vast archipelago. TradeFlock delved deeper in an exclusive interview with Mark to understand how he achieves this. 

Could you quickly outline your journey to becoming President of Experts Academy and Experts Prime IT Services?

In my 25-year telecom and IT leadership journey, I transitioned from a University Instructor to a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor to impactful roles at Smart Communications and Okada Manila, emphasising my expertise in network architecture. In 2012, I founded Experts Academy, prioritising industry-aligned training to produce globally competitive IT graduates. Currently, as President of Experts Prime IT Services, I lead cutting-edge network and security consulting, showcasing adaptability to market dynamics. My unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified my prominence in the Philippine IT industry. The synergy of academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial experiences continues to shape educational practices and drive technological advancements in the everevolving IT landscape.

What are your greatest career achievements, specifically in IT and telecommunications?

As Consultant, the opportunity to architect the network and security infrastructures for major companies across various sectors in the Philippines like Telco, Government, Food Retail, and Healthcare stands as a significant achievement in my career. As an educator, my greatest achievements revolve around the transformative impact of Experts Academy on the IT landscape in the Philippines. Witnessing alumni become influential industry leaders is truly rewarding. Their success in securing jobs, transitioning to IT careers, experiencing professional growth, and earning industry respect attests to the quality of education and training provided. Beyond individual achievements, the deeper mission of the Experts Academy is rooted in principles and character. Serving as a catalyst for producing exceptional IT professionals, guided by a sense of purpose, adds a profound dimension to our successes. This alignment with a higher calling amplifies the meaningful impact Experts Academy continues to have on students and the broader IT community.

What key strategies have made Experts Academy a leading IT training and consulting provider in the Philippines?

Experts Academy’s strategic success as a leading IT training and consulting service in the Philippines is attributed to its symbiotic relationship with Experts Prime IT Services. Partnerships with over 30 schools ensure a constant supply of industry-ready graduates, addressing the IT talent shortage. Simultaneously, Experts Prime, functioning as an IT consultancy firm, provides insights into industry trends, enabling Experts Academy to adapt training offerings in real-time. This synergy seamlessly aligns education with industry demands, establishing both entities as leaders in their respective domains. The collaborative approach effectively bridges the IT talent gap, positioning them as the top choice for comprehensive IT training and consulting services in the Philippines.

How will Experts Academy adapt to the evolving IT training landscape and maintain a leading position in the coming years?

To stay ahead in the evolving IT training landscape, Experts Academy plans to expand beyond the Philippines, establishing partnerships across Asia. By enhancing our curriculum to meet diverse skill requirements, we aim to become the premier provider of IT training and consulting services in both the Philippines and other Asian countries. This strategic move ensures that Experts Academy remains at the forefront of the evolving IT training and skills development landscape, catering to the increasing demand for skilled professionals across Asia.