Joy Go

Redefining Resilience

Joy Go

Chief Technology Officer,


Joy Go’s journey from university gates to her current role as the Chief Technology Officer of Yondu embodies a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination. Beginning as a Section Manager at Canon Information Technologies, Joy navigated through a landscape fraught with challenges, each obstacle serving as a crucible for her resilience. It was through overcoming these challenges that Joy forged her path as a leader in the tech industry.
Initially finding her niche within embedded systems, Joy honed her technical prowess over the course of a decade, earning recognition as a proficient specialist. However, the advent of the digital revolution heralded a pivotal moment. With the surge in demand for web and mobile applications, Joy felt compelled to explore this emerging landscape despite initial reservations. The allure of learning and the promise of growth propelled her towards a transformative journey.
Embracing this new challenge, Joy pushed herself to acquire fresh skills and adapt to the evolving terrain of web and mobile development. Transitioning from the structured environment of embedded systems demanded perseverance and a resolute determination to succeed. It wasn’t just about technical skills; it required a shift in perspective—a departure from the familiar to the fluidity of web applications. This journey culminated in Joy’s appointment as the CTO of Yondu, where she leverages her expertise to drive technological advancement and inspire her team. Together, they explore cutting-edge technologies and craft innovative solutions that propel Yondu forward.
Reflecting on her career trajectory, Joy acknowledges its nonlinear nature—a journey marked by embracing challenges and conquering fears. These experiences have shaped her leadership style, equipping her to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. As CTO of Yondu, how is Joy committed to fostering a culture of innovation and leading her team towards a bright digital future? This is what TradeFlock explored in an exclusive interview. 

What were the challenges in moving from Astra Philippines Inc. to Yondu, and how did you tackle them?

Transitioning from Astra Philippines Inc. to Yondu posed significant challenges. Accustomed to Astra’s fast-paced, results-oriented environment, Yondu’s initial emphasis on processes felt like an obstacle. Moreover, Astra’s technology-centric approach contrasted with Yondu’s focus on human resources. Tasked with transforming a VAS and staffing company into a comprehensive IT powerhouse, the primary hurdle was shifting mindsets. However, through perseverance, a clear vision, continuous inspiration, and the determination to push personal boundaries, I cultivated a motivated team ready to embrace Yondu’s new chapter.

As Yondu's CTO, what strategies have you implemented to keep the company at the forefront of innovative technology solutions?

I’ve implemented strategies to ensure our company remains at the forefront of innovative technology solutions. We’ve fostered a culture of learning and innovation, encouraging experimentation and risk-taking. Yondu University facilitates skill development through bootcamps and hackathons, while collaboration with tech partners and participation in industry events expose us to emerging technologies. Embracing a DevSecOps culture promotes collaboration, security awareness, and agility, aligning with our clients’ evolving needs. We prioritise optimising technology investments by conducting POCs and pilot programmes to assess new technologies’ viability and impact. Our commitment to continuous learning, adaptation, and a culture of innovation ensures we stay ahead in the dynamic tech landscape.

What's your vision for tech leadership in Asia? How do you see the region evolving in terms of technological innovation and leadership?

Drawing from my extensive tech industry experience, I foresee Asian tech leadership evolving towards a sustainable future with a focus on green and ethical tech solutions. The region will nurture diverse talents, fostering the rise of tech hubs like Manila, Singapore, and Bangalore alongside established players. Continued adoption of AI and big data analytics will drive personalised offerings and efficiency gains. Moreover, enhanced collaboration among Asian countries will accelerate innovation, shaping a dynamic landscape of technological advancement.

Who or what inspires your professional journey? Any role models shaping your leadership approach?

Jack Ma’s journey from humble beginnings to Alibaba’s founding inspires my professional path. His customer-centric motto, “customers first, employees second, shareholders third,” shapes my leadership approach. Ma’s commitment to empowering teams underscores the importance of collaboration. His success demonstrates Asian innovation’s potential to redefine global industries. Aspiring for his vision, determination, and people-centric ethos, I prioritise user needs and aim to cultivate a positive work environment. Ma exemplifies how resilience and a focus on people can achieve remarkable success.

What are your future plans for Yondu to drive growth, expand, and remain competitive in the digital economy?

At Yondu, our growth strategy entails developing expertise in AI, cybersecurity, and cloud computing while targeting emerging markets and key sectors like BFSI, retail, and manufacturing within the Philippine digital economy. We aim to be trusted partners in these sectors, offering tailored solutions to address their specific needs. Expanding beyond the Philippines involves strategic partnerships to enhance capabilities and broaden our reach.
To maintain competitiveness, we prioritise agile methodologies, talent development, and research and development investments. Strengthening AI and cybersecurity capabilities is crucial, emphasising customer experience and security. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in navigating the dynamic digital landscape.