Ridwan Yoga

Strokes of Brilliance from Designer to Digital Leader

Ridwan Yoga

Chief Executive Officer,


It’s ok to start from below, as long as you have the right dedication” believes Ridwan Yoga. From a graphic and web designer to now leading BytesDigital.asia as Creative Director and subsequently making a significant foray into the digital industry, Ridwan’s professional journey is a testament to his versatile skill set and strategic mindset. Commencing his career in the early 2000s, Ridwan’s trajectory has been marked by a series of transformative roles, demonstrating an exceptional ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of advertising and marketing. In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Ridwan shares insights into his leadership challenges, strengths in advertising, evolving leadership style, team motivation strategies, and personal balance through motorcycle rides and pet companionship. His story encapsulates resilience, adaptability, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, making Ridwan Yoga a true luminary in the everevolving tech landscape.

Can you outline your journey from graphic and web designer to BytesDigital.asia CEO, highlighting key career milestones?

Embarking on my professional odyssey in the early 2000s as a graphic and web designer, I aspired to seamlessly integrate visual communication design skills into my career trajectory. Despite commencing at a modest agency, my ambitions knew no bounds. Joining MATARI Advertising marked a significant juncture, albeit in the capacity of a desktop publisher, a role that limited the full utilisation of my design expertise. Climbing through the ranks, I assumed the position of Graphic Design Group Head after seven years, overseeing numerous nationallevel brands. Subsequently, reaching the pinnacle of my creative journey in 2009 as a creative director, I recognised the imperative to comprehend client perspectives. This realisation propelled me towards a master’s in marketing management in 2013, a strategic pivot that led me to spearhead the new business team instead of the creative team, underscoring my versatility.
Transitioning into an ‘account person’ in advertising posed formidable challenges, necessitating a dual oversight of both account and creative perspectives. Despite the complexities, I successfully secured multiple accounts during my tenure at New Business. Further diversifying my expertise, I joined a digital advertising company in 2016, delving into the intricacies of translating conventional advertising success into the digital landscape.
The subsequent founding of DSN Digital in 2017 marked a seminal chapter. Notable successes include transformative collaborations with Kubota Machinery Indonesia, achieving market dominance. Handling ‘Healthy Eggs,’ a parity product, presented its own unique challenges, yet our strategic approach resulted in remarkable market penetration and sustained sales growth.
In mid-2023, spurred by an unyielding drive for innovation, I initiated BytesDigital.asia. 

What motivated the creation of BytesDigital.asia, and what distinctive value does it offer clients beyond traditional sales methods?

Recognising the dynamic shifts in the digital landscape, I founded BytesDigital. asia with a vision to offer clients more than traditional sales-focused strategies. The goal is to provide comprehensive solutions by prioritising not only sales but also elevating brand reputation. BytesDigital. asia is dedicated to crafting impactful digital campaigns and strategic public relations initiatives, aiming to deliver lasting value and recognition in the ever-evolving market. The foundation of BytesDigital.asia reflects a commitment to innovation and a holistic approach to digital marketing.

What key strengths have driven your success in the advertising and digital marketing industries?

In my perspective, while some may perceive conventional advertising as outdated, I’ve discovered enduring elements within it that remain integral to effective digital communication. My approach, encapsulated in the acronym BCC (Broad, Centralised, and Connect), strategically combines traditional advertising principles with digital strategies. This fusion aims to create a cohesive and impactful digital communication strategy poised to succeed in the competitive landscape for at least the next five years.

How would you characterise your leadership style, and has it evolved? If so, in what ways?

Originally detail-oriented and results-focused, my leadership style has transformed to emphasise collaboration. Recognising the changing dynamics, I now champion teamwork, encouraging collective creativity and collaborative idea exploration with teams, clients, and partners—a pivotal shift in navigating the challenges of our ever-evolving creative landscape.

How do you maintain motivation and inspire your team, particularly during demanding or stressful periods?

Recognising that sustained high energy is challenging, I prioritise open communication within my team. During stressful periods, I engage in discussions, foster trust, and ensure a supportive environment. The simple principle is to prevent stress and cultivate a love for the work, as I believe passion leads to optimum performance, surpassing the expected 100%.

Outside of work, how do you relax? Are there specific hobbies or activities that contribute to finding balance in your life?

Being introverted, I unwind through my passions—pets and motorcycle rides. When overwhelmed, I carve out short retreats, like an hour on my motorcycle or a serene morning with my pets. These moments of solitude cleanse my mind, providing the mental reset needed to face the competitive challenges ahead. Recognising the importance of balance, these activities offer a respite from the hectic pace of work and rejuvenate my spirit for the demands of the professional arena.