10 Best Tech Leaders from Asia 2024

10 Best Tech Leaders in Asia 2024 Cover
10 Best Tech Leaders in Asia 2024 Cover


In Asia, the digital revolution is reshaping industries ranging from retail and banking to manufacturing and transportation. Asian companies are offering a broad spectrum of services, including e-commerce, fintech, and cloud computing, to customers worldwide. Over the past three decades, Asia has benefited significantly from globalisation, largely due to the strategic foresight of tech leaders from the region. Their leadership has ensured the region can sustain its progress despite disruptions and volatility. TradeFlock, as a respected publication, honours these influential figures and celebrates their illustrious professional journeys in its special edition, “10 Best Tech Leaders in Asia 2024.” This edition provides valuable insights, leadership lessons, and strategic wisdom gained from in-depth conversations with these visionary individuals.

Amzur Technologies

Dr. Saurabh Katiyar

R&D Director- CPG R&D Centre, Head – CP Group AI Digital Robotics R&D CoE and Labs, Group CTO Office

Charoen Pokphand Group

Dr. Saurabh’s journey demonstrates his capacity to excel despite uncertainty, gracefully and determinedly shifting between roles. This has contributed to CP Group’s success in a fast-changing market. His leadership goes beyond technical skills, drawing inspiration from various interests, including music, art, spirituality, and philanthropy.

Menrva Technologies

Alan Lau

Chief Business Officer

Animoca Brands

As the Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands, Alan is actively driving innovation and positioning the company at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Through investments in groundbreaking projects such as The Sandbox and ownership of the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club, Animoca is positioned to redefine the metaverse and influence the future of digital interaction.

AUK Computing

Dave West

President, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China


As the head of Cisco in Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China (APJC), Dave West leads with compassion and empathy. With over 28 years of experience, he drives innovation and empowers his team. Dave believes technological progress comes from dedicated individuals working together towards a shared vision.

Chropynska India

Irfan Prawiranidata

Chief of Strategy

RUN System

In his role as Chief of Strategy at RUN System, Irfan skillfully embodies a methodology grounded in structured decision-making and evidence-based strategies. This proficiency optimises resource utilisation and ensures alignment with organisational objectives, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader who consistently drives the company toward its goals with precision and foresight.

Senior Director

Joseph Aquino



Joseph Mark Aquino, an esteemed leader with over twenty years of experience, acknowledges the diverse aspects of cybersecurity. He takes a pioneering stance in advocating for the pivotal role of human expertise within this field. As President of Experts Prime IT Services, Mark leads the way in providing thorough solutions to address the complexities of cybersecurity.

Regional Sales Director

Joy Go

Chief Technology Officer


Joy Go’s path from university to her current position as Chief Technology Officer at Yondu reflects a story of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination. Starting as a Section Manager at Canon Information Technologies, Joy faced numerous challenges, each one testing her resilience. Overcoming these obstacles paved the way for Joy to emerge as a leader in the tech industry.

Energy & Utilities,

Ridwan Yoga

Chief Executive Officer


Ridwan’s career path showcases his versatile skill set and strategic mindset. Starting his career in the early 2000s, Ridwan has taken on various transformative roles, highlighting his exceptional ability to adapt to the changing advertising and marketing landscape. From a graphic and web designer, Ridwan is now leading BytesDigital.asia as Creative Director, subsequently making a significant foray into the digital industry.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Winnie Rebancos

Chief Information Officer

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc

Under Winnie’s leadership, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines initiated a technological transformation journey, implementing advanced solutions to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer experiences. As the Chief Information Officer of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc., Winnie guides the company with vision and innovation, reshaping its digital landscape through transformative leadership.