10 Best Tech Leaders in India: Defining Modern Tech Leaders

In the past, tech leaders were solely responsible for their organisations’ technology infrastructures.  The 10 best tech leaders in India 2022 demonstrate distinct behaviours and attitudes that have evolved through time. It’s to be expected as the position evolves and requires greater knowledge, practicality, and vision. That position is changing as businesses face increased competition and an accelerated rate of change.

Top tech leaders in India are increasingly expected to drive business transformation, and integrate business strategy with technology adoption. They steer their organisations through business disruptions and digital transformations alike. During our course to find the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022, we discussed with renowned IT professionals from various sectors to identify the essential traits of the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022. 

Ardour to explore new concepts

Any firm may benefit greatly from ideas. Top tech leaders understand how to produce ideas and implement adaptability throughout their organisations. For them, creativity is a game changer. We shortlist the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022  based on their ability to develop new concepts. It is critical for businesses to generate ideas in order to survive and develop. As markets and technology evolve at a rapid pace, top tech leaders constantly innovate in order to compete, expand, and stay relevant to their customers.

Upholding the rapid rate and pace of change 

The only constants in the tech industry are rapid change, expanding market prospects, and evolving client requirements. This implies that in order for a business to stay what it is now, it must continually change. Today’s success necessitates the ability to continually rethink, revive, adapt, and innovate. During our search for the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022, we examine how they manage to accelerate change in their organisations.

Open to new ways of doing things 

Top tech leaders in India must be open to new ways of doing things. They turn to the next generation and listen to their ideas. Modern tech leaders move beyond their organisations to discover new paths and methods. They use and deploy innovative solutions in areas where they have never been used before. We consider their abilities to refresh and modify company models in our shortlisting criteria to compile the list of 10 best tech leaders in India 2022.

Strive for work-life balance 

The balance between work and life in the technology business frequently favours work over life. This leads to exhaustion, reduced productivity, and, in some cases, a full exit from the profession. At TradeFlock, we assess their ability to improve in terms of keeping excellent people, striking a better balance between billable hours and investing in staff, and recognising the importance of career planning and development.

An Empowering and collaborative nature

Top tech leaders in India are excellent because they understand how to empower people and work effectively as part of a team. Though they may operate independently, they also understand how to drive development as part of a team, providing their employees with the support, resources, and advice they require to succeed. We include those tech leaders in our list of the 10 top tech leaders in India 2022 who are continually looking for methods to remove performance obstacles and improve project speed so that teams may see results quickly.

Solidity to deals with hardships 

Enterprises must be secure, compliant, and resilient in order to endure a change in today’s environment, and leading tech leaders in India guarantee that their technological infrastructures are flexible enough to handle difficulties. Controlling a cloud infrastructure is crucial, especially in a hybrid or remote environment, since it guarantees staff can continue working during interruptions.

Storytelling as a part of communication 

Storytelling assists the best tech leaders in communicating for alignment and ensuring that their team members understand both individual priorities and how they relate to the larger picture. It will also assist tech leaders in selling more to clients.  A precise and clear explanation or pitch will be forgotten in no time if it is uninteresting. We pick the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022 on the ground of how they Include different scenarios and interactions while they address their team and organisation.

An empathetic and firm believer in kindness 

Efficient tech leaders take care of their team and treat them with respect. They acknowledge the significance of mental health and are empathetic, also they recognise the importance of employee well-being in organisational success and value it. At TradeFlock, during our journey to determine the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022, we dig deep into how they value their employees and establish themselves as valued human beings. 

We shortlisted the 10 best tech leaders in India 2022 following the above-mentioned characteristics and qualities. A combination of these traits makes top modern tech leaders in India. 

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Executive VP & Head-Information Technology

Senior Director, Security Engineering & Development

Associate Director Of Technology

VP - IT Strategy and Alliances

Lead - Immersive Technologies

IT Director – India CoE Leader

Senior Director and Vertical Delivery Head

Chief Information Officer

Ex-NSEIT- Head IT Infrastructure & Operations

Country IT Head

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