The 10 Top Fintech Companies in America

The 10 Top Fintech Companies in America
The 10 Top Fintech Companies in America

The 10 Top Fintech Companies in America


Over the last couple of years, the boom in technology and smarter innovations has pushed the financial sector into a new age of technology and transparency. From shopping to socializing, Technology has transformed the way we do pretty much everything and have been constantly developing to help us deal with the many complexities of our lives. Finances have always been a tricky subject and hence a large number of financial companies have been emerging using technology to make it easier for people to invest, make payments and even get a loan.

Driven by the rapid adoption of digital technologies across the financial services industry, FinTech has been emerging as powerful sector comprising digital software and platforms delivering efficient and safely financial services to clients. From mobile banking and cryptocurrency to insurance and investment apps, the industry is wide and rapidly growing industry serving both consumers and businesses.

To learn more about The 10 Top Fintech Companies in America and how Fintech has become a multi-billion dollar industry, check out these Fintech Companies in America that are revolutionizing the industry.


Serving in 19 languages, PitchBook is a financial data and software company that provide comprehensive data on the private and public equity markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A. via due diligence research on private market intel, fundraising information and source investments,  PitchBook enables investors, advisors, companies, and professionals to capitalize on new business opportunities. Founded in 2007 by John Gabbert, the PitchBook Platform, is a web-based data software, research and analysis tool provides commentary and analysis of current events, information about VC, PE and M&A transactions, including public and private companies, trends and issues relevant to its field through PitchBook News and Analysis.


With a mission to lower the barriers and costs of borrowing, Avant is a private Chicago, Illinois-based company in the financial technology industry. Launched in late 2012, Avant is a loan service that offers loans ranging from $2,000-$35,000 for a term of 2-5 years. The service operates largely as a resource for customers to provide access to personal loans, at competitive interest rates, in a timely manner for things like consolidate debt, pay unexpected medical expenses, or just want to go on a family vacation, or any unexpected bills. In early 2013 using its proprietary technology, the company issued its first personal unsecured loan. Avant requires only simple application process and deposit money directly into your bank account as soon as the next business day.


Based in Chicago, Braintree is a division of PayPal, provides businesses with the ability to accept payments online or within their mobile application. Backed by one of the world’s largest and most trusted fintech brands, Braintree offers its clients the most popular payment methods  ranging from credit cards to PayPal, Venmo (in the US), debit cards, and digital wallets — in a single integration. From BigCommerce to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, Braintree worked with most of the leading ecommerce and billing platforms. With stellar support, innovative concepts, and simple processes, Braintree merchant in more than 45 countries/regions worldwide.


Located in New York, OnDeck is a global online small business lending company that business owners everywhere can truly rely on. OnDeck is 100% committed to serving small businesses with its responsible business loans solution, truthful transparent information, and the world-class service. With the smartest financing solutions, OnDeck provides efficient access to capital so they can spend time on the things where it provides the most benefit. In order to grow your business, OnDeck offers various financing options including short and long-term loans and lines of credit. Since 2007, OnDeck is serving more than 700 industries throughout the country and has issued over $12 billion in loans for many businesses.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Morningstar, Inc. is a global financial services firm provides an array of investment-research and investment-management services that connect everyday investors to professional-grade financial research and information so they can make better investment decisions. Since 1984, Morningstar has been empowering investor with a wide range of independent investment research to more than 3 million individual investors including mutual fund companies, brokerage firms, retirement plan providers, banks, and insurance companies in 16 countries.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Verifi is end-to-end payment protection and management firm for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. The company’s platform takes care of and manages the entire ecommerce solution, allowing industries to focus on their core business. Verifi also delivers the best in software and helps companies to combat fraud prevent and resolve costly chargebacks, securely process payments, build brand loyalty and increase billings. With deep expertise, thought leadership, and personalized approach, Verifi lets cardholders, issuers and merchants access real-time data that provides quicker resolutions.


Founded in 2013, Circle is a new kind of global financial services company allowing everyone from individuals, institutions and entrepreneurs to participate in an economy that’s fairer, more inclusive and more accessible also allowing individuals to trade, invest and raise capital with products and online services that are safe and easy-to-use. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Circle allows sending money between currencies, countries and friends via Circle Pay application. Its product, Circle invest includes a wide selection of coins that allow users to instantly buy and invest a set of money every day, week or month in any coin or collection.


With a large presence in Chicago, Optiver is a leading global electronic market maker, focused on “market making”. Using clean code and sophisticated technology, the company provides liquidity to financial markets using its own capital. Optiver provides a wide range of products including derivatives, cash equities, ETFs, bonds and foreign currencies. Today, the company employs over 1000 people globally, and more than 200 in Chicago.


Using machine learning and predictive analytics, Suplari helps users better manage their costs. In order to optimize costs, assure compliance and reduce risk and fraud, many business leaders like CFOs, COOs, CPOs, rely on Sulpari. Automatic integration, normalization, and procurement data all use the company’s platform to analyze spending trends, hit savings goals and even locate cost or risk reduction opportunities.  Few of the companies including Wayfair, Sonos, Nordstrom, and Spending Tree use Suplari’s platform to analyze, predict and cut down on costs.


Billtrust is an automated order-to-cash platform that provides cycle management solutions to business and professional services, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and equipment companies. With its intelligent order to cash software solutions, Billtrust provides customers more flexibility and enhances organizational and operational efficiency.

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