10 Most Inspiring CIO’s in India

Mr. Nikhil Paul

Chief Information Officer

6d Technologies


Highly skilled business leaders who use their prowess to “keep the IT engine” working round the clock are referred to as CIOs. While ensuring the optimum utilisation of cutting-edge technology for business growth, they simultaneously use their imaginative skills to foster the technology for customer engagement. CIOs are required to adopt this dual role with significance underlined in strategic business matters.
While digital transformation and change management were the top two priorities of the CIOs during the pandemic, training employees and ensuring they seamlessly adapt to them were other challenges for the CIOs. However, the entire industry suffered huge cyberattacks, which multiplied manifold during the pandemic times. Ensuring nothing is compromised and that there is no leakage in their organisation’s network kept them burning their midnight oil. On the other hand, enabling mobility in this challenging world at a jet speed was also one of their top priorities.

TradeFlock spoke to a few industry-leading CIOs on their roles, priorities and other related topics and compiled their views in our current edition of ‘10 Best CIOs in India – 2022’.

10 Best CIOs in India 2022

In the past few years, virtually and digitally advanced companies have applied new technologies that are able to match eye to eye with strategically advanced companies.
The IT sector is no longer merely a facilitator; it has evolved into a profit centre. Moreover, it is critical to the company’s overall strategy. This just adds to the role of a CIO.

TradeFlock is recognising some of the inspiring tech leaders who are re-evaluating the role of a CIO in its ‘10 Best CIOs in India 2022’ edition, the newest one. While interacting with them, we asked them about their mindset, approach and strategies for business growth besides implementing technical solutions and developing IT structure in the organisation and consolidated their views and perspective in this edition.

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