10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education in India 2022: The Shortlisting Criteria

Women comprise a significant part of the teaching workforce, especially in primary education, but their position in leadership roles remains far behind the expectation. However, there are many successful women who have made remarkable achievements in the education sector. From making revolutionary transformations in teaching-learning methods to ensuring academic success for each student, they have played a tremendous role in taking the Indian education industry to the next level.  

During its quest for 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education 2022, TradeFlock talked to leading women in the education industry to determine the common traits of the best women leaders in education in India 2022. We evaluate leading women in education based on the below-mentioned traits to curate our list of 10 Most InspiringWomen Leaders In Education. 

Encourage Student and institutional growth

Recent studies have displayed that leadership practices play a vital role in the learning of a student and the growth of the institution. Evidence suggests that institutions led by female leaders witnessed enhanced outcomes from students. Promotion of a more collaborative teaching and learning atmosphere and encouragement of students are the practices of influential women leaders in education. While compiling the list of the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India, we precisely evaluate their ability to motivate students and ensure institutional growth. 

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Revolutionising learning

Once, the legendary South African leader, Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  There is no denying that a weapon needs to be sharpened regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Therefore, we must revolutionise our education system with the changing landscape of society and technology. In our journey to find 10 inspiring women leaders in education in India 2022, we consider their innovative approaches to reforming the learning methods and to revolutionising the education industry. 

Zeal to bring transformation

Pandemic brought numerous transformations across industries and sectors. In remote settings, technology has become more vital than ever. The education field is not an exception and has quickly encompassed the digital transformation. It is probably the most crucial segment of new-age learning which has delivered ease to students. We shortlist the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India on the basis of their passion for bringing digital transformation within their education institute or territory. 

Contribution to development in education

It is impossible to overlook the vital role that women play as a teacher.  Their love of teaching and learning helps them in developing potential in students and institutions. While shortlisting the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India, we dig deep into their ability to contribute to the development of the education system, and how their leadership skills contribute to the growth of an educational organisation. 

Emphasising real-world learning

Learning through books and learning from real-world events, and actually doing things are completely distinct edges of a spectrum. At TradeFlock, we assess the women leaders’ on the ground of how they emphasise experiential learning and stimulate reality-based activities to enhance the learning experience. Today’s women leaders in education must incorporate experiential learning techniques in their educational institutes or organisation. 

Willingness to meet the unmet needs of communities

To be an effective and impactful leader in the education sector, women must have the will to match the unmet needs of educational communities. They should not only address communities’ needs and requirements for resources but should also evaluate their culture and social structure to understand the gap better. TradeFlock ranks 10 inspiring women leaders in education in India based on their willingness to meet the unmet needs of different communities. 

Adaptation for change (edTech and Publication)

Visionary leaders always evaluate the contemporary techniques with evolving requirements of students and teachers in remote education setups. TradeFlock shortlists the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India 2022 by evaluating how comfortable they are in adopting and valuing the contemporary needs for edTech applications and e-publications. 

Provides a model of high ethical standards

The significance of ethics in education is absolute. It’s all about discipline while dealing with goods and bads with moral responsibilities. In the course of identifying the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India, we consider their ethics of choosing what’s acceptable and what’s not, while saving the interests of both students and teachers. 

Encouragement to diversity

Top women leaders in the education industry promote the creation of better systems for transparency, gender equality, and diversity in educational institutions and classrooms. They promote inclusive behaviour to reduce bias. We select the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India by assessing their ability to maintain diversity in the institution and motivate others to do so. 

Keenness to uphold university/board values

Every education institution or organisation has its own history, heritage, culture and values. Our selection process also evaluates a leader’s passion for preserving the values and heritage of the educational institution they are leading and taking it to the next level. While choosing the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India 2022, we consider their contribution and eagerness to save the autonomy, academic freedom or social responsibility of the institution. 

The above-mentioned characteristics are what make the 10 most inspiring women leaders in education in India, and TradeFlock follows this selection criterion to identify the top women leaders in education in India. 

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