Dr. Trapty Agarwal

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovation

Dr. Trapty Agarwal

Dean Academics,

Maharishi University of Information Technology

Transformation is an inherent and inevitable part of life, a process that moulds individuals and shapes destinies. Dr. Trapty Agarwal’s journey is a testament to the power of transformation, both on a personal and professional level. Starting her career in the dynamic IT industry, she found herself at a crossroads, compelled to prioritise family over professional pursuits. Embracing this change, she ventured into the sphere of education, a decision fuelled by her deep passion for teaching and her son’s unwavering belief in her abilities.
Witnessing the world through her son’s innocent eyes became a catalyst for her transformation into an inspiring educator. This personal metamorphosis not only revealed her innate teaching talent but also fuelled her commitment to nurturing young minds. As a guest lecturer, Dr. Trapty quickly became renowned for her ability to simplify complex concepts, earning the admiration of her students and her son alike. This mutual respect and love within her family became the driving force behind her educational journey, propelling her to new heights in academia.
Joining Maharishi University in 2018 marked a significant chapter in her professional transformation. Here, she seamlessly bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, designing tailored IT programmes and becoming a pivotal link between academia and industry. Dr. Trapty’s expertise in technical domains like C++, Salesforce, and data science, coupled with her adept leadership as an Agile / Scrum Master, showcased her versatility and dedication.
Amidst her accolades, from IBM’s Bravo Award in IT services to the Chancellor’s Gold Medal in Academia, her personal transformation stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and familial support. Today, through her unwavering belief and the ability to weave the most inspiring narratives, she illuminates the path for others to follow. TradeFlock interviewed Dr. Trapty to understand how she makes education a joy of learning for everyone. 

As Dean of Academics, what challenges have you encountered and how did you overcome them?

Navigating the role of Dean of Academics comes with inherent challenges, particularly when promoted within the same organisation. These challenges encompass acceptance, managing diverse departments within MUIT, academic administration, faculty, staff, and student interactions. Despite these hurdles, the serene environment of Maharishi University, rooted in the teachings of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, offers a unique atmosphere. I am fortunate to have learned Transcendental Meditation (TM), a technique that enhances focus and reduces stress. TM acts as a magnifying glass, concentrating my energy towards my goals. Additionally, the supportive and cooperative environment at MUIT significantly contributes to overcoming these challenges effectively.

How has your IT industry experience influenced the design of specific training programmes for students?

My experience in IT companies has been invaluable in bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world. Recognising the disparities between the two realms early on, I utilised my industry insight to design tailored IT training programmes for students. This proactive approach enabled me to create a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge before they enter their final year, enhancing their readiness for the professional world.

What is your vision for academic programmes at MUIT, and how do you plan to align them with industry trends and advancements?

As Dean of Academics, my vision for Maharishi University of Information Technology is to offer highly practical and industry-relevant programmes. We are actively partnering with industry and academic institutions to incorporate the latest industry knowledge into our curriculum. Additionally, we provide extra training modules, focusing on both technical and soft skills, to enhance students’ employability. Guest lectures, seminars, and workshops by industry experts further enrich our students’ learning experiences, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of the professional world.

How do you promote diversity in IT education to create an inclusive academic environment?

In promoting diversity in IT education, we focus on hiring a diverse group of instructors and staff, inviting guest speakers from varied industry backgrounds for workshops, seminars, or guest lectures, and regularly reviewing our curriculum with industry SMEs (subject matter experts).

What are your long-term goals for the academic department and MUIT, and what strategies will you employ to achieve them?

Our enduring goals for the academic department at MUIT are centred around elevating education quality through updated curricula and cutting-edge teaching methods, fostering global collaborations for students and faculty, promoting innovative research centres, and engaging closely with industry partners for internships, certificates, and projects. Additionally, we are dedicated to nurturing student success, maintaining a strong alumni network, investing in advanced technological infrastructure, and championing sustainability through eco-friendly initiatives and waste reduction programmes. Embracing our university motto, “Potentiality to Actuality through Creative Intelligence,” we believe in a holistic approach, combining strategic planning, collaboration, adaptability, and the regular practice of transcendental meditation to drive these objectives, ensuring a transformative educational experience at MUIT.
















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