Ms. Sheena Kalenga

Igniting Minds and Shaping Destinies in Education

Ms. Sheena Kalenga


St. Mark's World School

P lutarch’s words, “Education is not a vessel to be filled, but a flame to be ignited,” are what drive Ms. Sheena Kalenga’s philosophy. At St. Mark’s World School, Sheena, the Principal, stands as the guardian of this transformative journey. With a solemn commitment to nurturing the innate curiosity, passion, and potential within each student, she endeavours to create an environment where young minds can embrace the world with open hearts and kindled spirits, ultimately shaping their destinies.
In a rapidly evolving world, Sheena prioritises exploration, critical thinking, and creativity in education. She believes in empowering students to be active participants in their learning and fostering a culture of innovation. Her mission revolves around a conducive learning environment that celebrates diverse strengths. She emphasises upon differentiated instruction, personalised learning, and open communication, creating a safe and nurturing space for students to thrive.
Sheena encourages innovative teaching methods and technology adoption, equipping students with vital digital literacy skills. She’s committed to holistic student development, promoting wellbeing through extracurricular activities, sports, and community service. Sheena’s commitment extends to professional development, ensuring educators stay updated with the latest trends and best practices. She champions collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation in education. TradeFlock explores Sheena’s practices for unlocking students’ boundless potential. 

How do you prioritise and balance administrative responsibilities with the needs of students, teachers, and parents?

Balancing administrative responsibilities with the diverse needs of students, teachers, and parents is a complex yet essential aspect of effective school leadership. It requires a strategic approach that prioritises the wellbeing and growth of each stakeholder. At the heart of this balance are the students, whose well-being and development are paramount. This entails creating a safe, inclusive learning environment, providing necessary resources and support services, and fostering a positive school culture. Regular collaboration with teachers, counsellors, and support staff ensures timely interventions when needed. Supporting educators is equally crucial. Continuous professional development opportunities, a collaborative culture, and a healthy work-life balance are essential. Open lines of communication enable addressing their concerns and celebrating their achievements effectively. Transparent communication with parents plays a vital role. Building trust-based relationships through regular meetings facilitates effective communication about student progress, events, and school policies. Involving parents in decision-making processes encourages collaboration in their child’s education. Efficiently managing administrative tasks without compromising educational quality requires effective time management, delegation, and strategic planning. Prioritising tasks based on urgency and alignment with the school’s mission allows for resource allocation. Delegating responsibilities empowers staff and frees up time for long-term planning, policy development, and community partnerships. Leveraging technology streamlines administrative duties and enhances communication. Digital platforms for recordkeeping, data analysis, and communication reduce paperwork and administrative burdens while facilitating informed decision-making. Integrated school management systems provide real-time information access, enabling timely responses and effective monitoring of student progress. Maintaining balance also necessitates selfcare and personal growth. Modelling a healthy work-life balance, promoting well-being, and investing in professional development ensure effective leadership.

Could you please brief us about your involvement with parents and the community to develop a strong parent-teacher partnership?

My role as a school Principal emphasises building a robust parent-teacher partnership and involving the community in our educational mission. Communication is central, with regular channels like parentteacher conferences ensuring parents stay informed and have opportunities to voice concerns. Face-to-face interactions through workshops and events foster a sense of community and encourage parents to actively engage in their child’s education. Empowering parents in decision-making through input and participation in the parentteacher association creates a shared sense of ownership and responsibility. Collaboration extends beyond the classroom, involving parents in various activities and programs. Engaging the wider community through partnerships with local businesses and organisations enriches our educational ecosystem. In essence, by actively involving parents and the community, we create a collective force that enhances our students’ educational journey, guided by Helen Keller’s words: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

What achievements or initiatives are you particularly proud of as the principal of St. Mark’s World School?

As the Principal of St. Mark’s World School, I am immensely proud of our noteworthy achievements and accolades. These honours are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire school community. They underscore our steadfast commitment to delivering a transformative educational experience and equipping our students for success in a dynamic world. Notable recognitions include the Most Technologically Advanced School Award from the Brandsglobal Media Awards 2023. This validates our innovative approach to education and our focus on using technology to nurture creativity and innovation within our school community. Additionally, I am honoured to have received the Best Environmental Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding contribution made by St. Mark’s World School towards the environment.Recognition as the Best Principal in Delhi for 2022 by the Asia Today Research and Media Group reflects my leadership skills and my ability to guide our school towards excellence. Furthermore, our school, St. Mark’s World School, has been awarded the Pride of Indian Education Certificate of Excellence for having the best faculty among senior secondary schools in 2022. This recognises the dedication and expertise of our faculty members, who consistently go above and beyond to provide quality education. We have also received the National Education Brilliance Award 2022 for having the best infrastructure among K–12 schools in Delhi. In addition to these honours, St. Mark’s World School has been named the Most Socially Active School of the Year 2022 by the Perficio Awards, which reflects our commitment to instilling social responsibility in our students and making a positive impact on our communities. I am equally honoured to have been named the Best Educational Leader by Bizemag in 2022 and to have St. Mark’s World School recognised with the Bizemag Leadership Awards 2022.Lastly, I am immensely proud of our Vice Principal, Dr. Sabina Shergill, who has received the distinguished honour of the Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) from the University of Central America. These recognitions underscore our remarkable accomplishments in advancing education for a just and equitable society. Through our innovative practices, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to the holistic development of our students, we continue to set new benchmarks in the field of education.
















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