Nishi Mishra

Forging Educational Excellence and Engagement

Nishi Mishra

Deputy Head-Outreach,

O.P. Jindal Global University

Leadership skills aren’t attained overnight; they’re a continuous evolution—a journey moulded by experiences and rooted in the guidance of inspirational figures. For Nishi Mishra, Deputy Head of Outreach at O.P. Jindal Global University, this journey began with a stroke of fortune upon entering the education sector. Her formative years were profoundly influenced by her father’s 30-year service in the Indian Air Force, an invaluable wellspring of leadership that she drew from as she embarked on her own path.
Her narrative is one of diverse chapters— from HCL CDC to nurturing young minds at Mother’s Pride preschool, and from prestigious foreign institutions like Strathclyde Business School to vocational study institutes. Each role etched lessons in strategy, collaboration, and the pivotal art of time management into her professional canvas. With over 11 years of rich experience, Nishi’s contribution resonates through her work in driving admissions, shaping marketing landscapes, and pioneering outreach strategies within the education domain. She spearheaded acclaimed courses within the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, demonstrating a dynamic approach rooted in market foresight and strategic prowess.
Her impact extends beyond conventional academics, securing admissions to esteemed UK-based universities like the University of London LSE (India affiliate centre’s) and Strathclyde. Notably, her successes transcend the conventional, steering admissions to innovative schools tailored for entrepreneurs, where the cultivation of ideas into ventures is nurtured through a bespoke curriculum.
Nishi epitomises the ethos of a perpetual learner—a torchbearer of evolution, a skilled navigator of opportunities, and a driving force in shaping the educational frontier at O.P. Jindal Global University. TradeFlock interviewed her to learn more about her winning strategies. 

During your 11-year tenure, what challenges emerged in admissions and marketing, and how did you adapt? How have these challenges changed today?

This question is pivotal as professionals in admissions and outreach encounter daily hurdles stemming from programme diversity, target demographics, budget constraints, outreach efforts, retention strategies, and institutional values. I faced a consistent challenge in balancing work travel demands with family expectations, notably within my in-law circle. I’ve been proactive in catalysing positive changes in education marketing through dedication and determination, which, despite sounding repetitive, have been transformative. Initially, I navigated challenges understanding audience needs due to the unique nature of concept selling, but these experiences evolved my approach significantly, making current challenges less daunting.

How do you consistently enhance your skills and knowledge in the rapidly changing landscape of education sector outreach?

Reflecting on personal growth keeps me awake at night. Ultimately, self-analysis often begins with questioning our own progress—a pondering I frequently engage in. A valuable lesson I learned early on was that success doesn’t come effortlessly; it demands consistent effort to excel. As a science student, Darwin’s Theory of “Survival of the Fittest” resonated deeply—the idea of adapting, embracing change, and thriving in evolving environments. To achieve this, I actively engage in training and online programmes and seize every opportunity to collaborate with various organisational departments. Beyond marketing, I immerse myself in education, administration, leadership dynamics, foreign university admissions processes, event management, data analysis, and pre-university course eligibility, ensuring a comprehensive understanding across diverse domains.

Can you share the strategies that led to this significant success?

Two pivotal strategies have shaped my success: strategic forecasting in admissions, blending trend analysis with competitor insights learned from seasoned mentors, and emphasising networking in outreach. Beyond the social media trend, effective outreach involves qualitative research within educational circles, engaging schools and counsellors, and tailored demographic analyses. This approach deepens brand perception, ensuring targeted resonance and unexpected opportunities in outreach initiatives.

What strategies does O.P. Jindal Global University employ to ensure both educational depth and engaging learning experiences, utilising technology as a facilitator?

At O.P. Jindal Global University, our commitment revolves around creating an educational environment that’s both engaging and enriching. The substantial growth from 4000 to 11000 students is a testament to the dedicated efforts of Chancellor Mr. Naveen Jindal and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. C. Raj Kumar. This growth isn’t merely quantitative but reflects a collective belief in JGU’s ethos of academic excellence, exemplified by our outstanding faculty, robust infrastructure, and commitment to research and student success in higher education. Embracing technology is integral to our educational paradigm. Our classrooms and auditoriums are equipped with state-ofthe-art online learning systems, ensuring a contemporary and global learning experience. Our achievement of the QS IGAUGE E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD) Certification in 2020 underscores our dedication to providing students with cutting-edge educational tools and experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.
















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