10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education in India 2023

10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education in India 2023
10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education in India 2023


Women possess a unique ability to handle multiple responsibilities, prioritise tasks, and quickly adjust to changes. This capability distinguishes them. In educational leadership, a role that demands much, female leaders with strong multitasking skills are particularly well-equipped to succeed while achieving outstanding outcomes. Their commitment and skill in managing various responsibilities position them as key drivers of positive change within the education sector. They have long played crucial educational roles as teachers, mentors, and deans, showcasing their distinct and varied mindsets. Their unique perspectives enable them to succeed in leadership positions within education. Beyond traditional teaching roles, women leaders are bringing diverse viewpoints to education. They’re using technology to create new educational platforms and resources to make learning more accessible. In its latest issue- “10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in Education in India 2023”, TradeFlock holds these women leaders in high esteem for their remarkable contributions to reshaping education in India and tries to delve into their minds to filter the valuable insights that can help following line of leaders and generations to navigate through the challenges in the education.

Amzur Technologies

Dr. Manjula Jain

Dean Academics

Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Dr. Manjula’s ascent from lecturer to academic dean is a saga marked by transformative experiences. Her professional journey in education epitomises this ascent up the stairs of academic progression, where each step signifies a milestone and testament to her tireless dedication and unwavering pursuit of educational excellence.

Menrva Technologies

Dr Jayanthi Ranjan

Dean of Academics and School of Business

Sharda University

With over 30 years devoted to academia, Dr. Jayanthi’s journey exemplifies a commitment to shaping future leaders through education. Her profound impact on education began with her foundational role as an academic mentor and has evolved through pivotal positions at esteemed institutions such as the Ashoka Group of Educational Institutions, IMT Ghaziabad, and IMT Nagpur.

AUK Computing

Meena Krishna

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic Operations

ATLAS SkillTech University

Meena Krishna is a stalwart whose strengths seamlessly address the dynamic needs of the Indian education landscape. Her visionary leadership is pivotal in creating that fertile ground for the students to flourish. Her strategic innovation ensures that the institution remains agile, continuously adapting to the evolving needs of a dynamic workforce.

Chropynska India

Meenal Srinivasan

Founder Trustee

educo India

Meenal is a visionary educationist who founded a Mumbai school for the underprivileged in Central Mumbai under the Public Private Partnership policy with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). She works with determination, integrity and strength to get the best education for the children in her care. She has a lot of experience dealing with the red tape in India.

Senior Director

Meghana Rao Jupally


Meru International School

The visionary founder behind Meru International School, Meghna Rao Jupally, has an unyielding passion for education and an unshakable commitment to transforming lives.  She demonstrates the impact one person’s unwavering commitment to education can have on society.

Regional Sales Director

Nishi Mishra

Deputy Head-Outreach

O.P. Jindal Global University

With over 11 years of rich experience, Nishi’s contribution resonates through her work in driving admissions, shaping marketing landscapes, and pioneering outreach strategies within the education domain. She spearheads acclaimed courses within the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, demonstrating a dynamic approach rooted in market foresight and strategic prowess.

Director - AI

Ms. Sheena Kalenga


St. Mark's World School

As the principal of St. Mark’s World School, Sheena endeavours to create an environment where young minds can embrace the world with open hearts and kindled spirits, ultimately shaping their destinies. She empowers students to be active participants in their learning  and fosters a culture of innovation for their inclusive growth.

Energy & Utilities,

Dr. Shauli Mukherjee

Director of the School of Education

Adamas University

Dr. Shauli is a stalwart leader who drives transformative change and pioneers progressive pedagogical approaches. Her distinguished trajectory reflects an unwavering commitment to child-centric, activity-oriented education, and her impact extends beyond conventional academics, securing admissions to esteemed  UK-based universities. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Dr. Trapty Agarwal

Dean Academics

Maharishi University of Information Technology

Dr Trapty has a unique blend of teaching and corporate experience in IT (IBM & Infosys Technologies). Currently associated with the Maharishi University of Information Technology as Dean of Academics of the Noida campus and Dean of the School of Data Science, she has been working in different domains apart from academia, including administration, marketing, sports, and student welfare.