10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2023

10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2023
10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2023


India’s strides in achieving greater gender diversity in corporate boardrooms deserve applause. The increased presence of women in these spaces isn’t just a statistical win; it marks a profound cultural and systemic shift. It signals a departure from traditional norms that have long shaped the corporate landscape. As India aims for an 8% GDP growth by 2030, it’s evident that prioritising higher women leadership and strategic upskilling is crucial. Women’s leadership in India serves as a guiding light, paving new avenues for progress and inclusivity. This leadership wave isn’t solely about representation; it acts as a catalyst sparking transformative change, inspiring future generations, and shaping a future where everyone’s potential flourishes, free from gender limitations. 

Achieving success in a corporate world dominated by men is challenging on its own. When you add the goal of inspiring others, it becomes an even more daunting task. Despite this, there are many inspirational female business leaders who have made significant impacts. In its exclusive issue – 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2023, TradeFlock celebrates some of the remarkable women who have not only accomplished impressive feats themselves but have also motivated future generations to follow their example. Apart from the conversations with these visionary minds, this issue features some exciting tales, reports, leadership lessons, insights, and much more. 

Menrva Technologies

Deepika Pillai

Senior Director Human Resources

TELUS International India

Deepika is a very energetic, passionate, and empathetic HR Leader. In her current role as the Senior Director of Human Resources, her approach embodies the tenets of genuine leadership,  championing values, nurturing an inclusive space, and ensuring every voice finds resonance within the organisation.

AUK Computing

Ritu Anand

Senior Director- Human Resources, Administration & Corporate Communications

Terumo India

With a decorated career journey spanning two decades, Ritu has experience across Asia and the Americas in Banking, Retail, Financial Services & Medical Device Organisations. She is proficient in driving Business Transformation via an Organisation plan and deploying people plans to enable growth in key markets.

Chropynska India

Sabeela Masroor

Head HR and L&D

SaveBySwitching Global Solutions

Sabeela symbolises a contemporary HR leader shaped by a natural knack for uniting people and fostering positivity. Displaying innate leadership since youth, she excelled in guiding discussions and conflict resolution, laying the groundwork for empowering individuals and nurturing cohesive work environments. 

Senior Director

Sabina Kamal
Sabina Kamal

COO & Chief Digital Officer

Paytm m’Loyal - MobiQuest

Sabina embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from traditional brushes to digital mastery. Driven by an enduring vision, she aims to leave a digital legacy fostering intelligence and a nation thirsting for knowledge, wisdom, deep reflection, and responsible action.

Regional Sales Director

Seema Vinocha Narayan

IT Director - Procurement


Seema Vinocha Narayan, a visionary leader, steers Unilever’s global operations with over two decades of remarkable career experience. Her unwavering commitment has revolutionised software asset management and procurement. As Unilever’s IT Director, she is instrumental in propelling the company forward while adeptly navigating the intricacies of her role

Energy & Utilities,

Suchita Chowdhury

Associate Director - BID Management


Take a thrilling ride through the remarkable career of a tech luminary—starting with groundbreaking R&D at Comviva, navigating bid management at Subex and Oracle, and culminating in the esteemed role of Associate Director of Bid Management at Mobileum. Come along for an immersive journey where leadership, innovation, and ethical principles converge to sculpt the destiny of customer solutions. Join us in this compelling adventure, delving into growth, visionary leadership, impactful contributions, and the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Head, Asia Pacificers

10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2023
Soma Mondal

Director (Commercial)


Soma boasts a trailblazing career, graduating in Electrical Engineering in 1984 and accumulating over three decades of industry experience. She was the first female Functional Director and Chairman at SAIL after her tenure as the National Aluminium.

Amzur Technologies

Ujala Sabharwal

Senior Director, India People


Ujala Sabharwal’s journey is adorned with intriguing facets that speak volumes about her multifaceted persona. Renowned for her adventurous spirit, Ujala immerses herself in diverse cultures, embracing regional languages and capturing moments through her photography that mirror her rich experiences
















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