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Golden Delicious Group was founded in 1982, established the company in 1994. It is one with R & D, manufacturing, distribution and export of integrated manufacturing enterprises. After 27 years of steady development, Jinguan Group has developed into one of the largest and most professional food manufacturers to China.Covered candy, chocolate, jelly, cakes and condiments, and many other categories, the Group’s candy factory with an annual output of various types of snack foods nearly more than 80,000 tons, of which 80% in domestic sales and 20% of exports in more than 30 countries and regions, not only Greater China, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East, but also the prestigious Golden Delicious brand. 20 years of specialized manufacturing experience and strength lays the Golden Delicious Group “Candy expert” market position, according to industry statistics authority, Golden Delicious Group’s annual output value and competitiveness of the past 10 years has been among the forefront of the industry. Companies and products have been identified as: Chinese famous brand, Fujian Province, national quality standards of food, international measurement level enterprises, processing key leading agricultural


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