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Zhejiang is not the old God Food Co., founded in 1994, has more than 20 years, is the country’s agro-industrial demonstration enterprises, agricultural industrialization of key state enterprises, is a nationwide chain operator, has been in the country 25 more than 160 cities provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions set up “old God chicken” chain stores, there are more than 680 stores, processing and sale of poultry more than 10 million birds.

“God is not the old chicken” is based on Chinese medicine, “the Food and Drug integration” theory, according to “temper to be stomach, Stomach advised and down” and treatment principles of Chinese medicine, developed from the traditional “medicine chicken” on the basis of its not greasy, crisp and tender and smooth taste in the bone, GAN fragrant flavors of China won the 30 million family trust.

As a national agro-industrial demonstration enterprises, state-level key agricultural enterprises, the company adhere to the “three rural services, support for agriculture.” Now with more than 50 villages and towns of more than 6,000 farmers in over 230 villages signed contract farming, perennial establish business with the acquisition of 30,000 farmers nationwide poultry farmers, farmers’ income 1.25 billion yuan per year. God is not the old chain management implementation strategy for the large number of aspiring entrepreneurs to provide a stage to display their talent. Twenty years, not the old god created more than 180 millionaires, provides more than 6,000 jobs, so more and more farmers embarked on the road to riches, had been hailed as the “Southern Chicken King” “Boss of plants.”

The company initiated a “people first, after doing business man,” the purpose of good faith, in the traditional industry successfully implemented standardized production and standardized management, in 2002 adopted the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, in 2004 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification through the QS 2006 certification audit. Enterprise Zengxianhoubei identified as the first batch of corporate integrity honorary title of provincial, provincial first batch of green enterprises, the provincial SME, the provincial agricultural science and technology enterprises, the provincial consumer trust units, the provincial food industry hundred enterprises. April 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture was identified eight ministries for the agricultural industrialization of key state enterprises.

2011 In May, the company was included in the “Eleventh Five environmental remediation Quzhou City advanced collective” Quzhou City Ecological Construction Work Leading Group. In September, the company China Township Enterprises Association, China Tourism Association, leisure agriculture and rural tourism branch of the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Social Development Center was awarded the “national outstanding entrepreneurial-led enterprises”.

Companies leading products, “not the old God chicken” is the Chinese Institute of Health Science and Technology produced products, Zhejiang Province is the first chicken green, in December 2014 the 13th Agricultural Fair won the Gold Award for quality agricultural products in Zhejiang Province, not the old god won the 2003 chicken National Science and Technology Progress Award for outstanding new products; 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 four consecutive been identified as Zhejiang famous brand; 2004, not the old god was named Hangzhou cooking chicken poultry meat dish Zhanping Association Quality Award; 2005 “God is not the old” product was named Zhejiang Provincial Consumers Association recommended goods; in October 2006, not the old god chicken was named to the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture recommended products. “Old gods” trademark in 1999, respectively, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 four consecutive been identified as Zhejiang Province; 2004, 2006, 2008, 2014, “not the old god” trademark for four times have been identified as well-known firms in Zhejiang Province; in June 2006, “old gods” trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office for the Chinese well-known trademarks; August, “old God” trademark was rated Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and ten feature brand of agricultural products. In May 2011, it was named China Green Baby Award Organizing Committee for the “2010 Green baby specified food” title.

Not the old god of trials and hardships, and now the move from scratch. Enterprise development has entered a new stage, the company proposed a “merciful love, self-discipline inclusive, progressive and innovative” business philosophy, and strive to compete in a market economy in the harmonious development, to make China the best quality chicken, and “the stores (counters ) takes over the country to “the.

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