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About Us

Yuyao Jie Hua Compressor Co., Ltd. is a National Machinery Industry compressor production backbone enterprises, China General Machinery Industry compressor deputy head of a group of East China plant, compressor Industry Association. The company in 1956 began to produce various types of gas compressors. He has won the “Ministry of Machinery Industry,” “Zhejiang Quality Management Award”, “provincial advanced enterprise quality products” title. The company is strong in technology, production equipment, testing equipment. In compressor design, manufacturing, testing and so we have accumulated rich experience. The company holds a compressor production license and a Class D D II pressure vessel design, manufacturing license.
Our main products are the driving power 280KW / SF, displacement 00.25~80m³/min exhaust pressure from 0.1 ~ 3.0mpa medium-sized, small and micro-piston gas compressor, as well as supporting the air cooler, reservoir cylinders, oil separators, air dryers and other products.
Pressure vessel is another company’s main products derived developed to accompany the compressor oil separator set can be described as “thriving.” Annual production scale of 3,500 years of design and manufacturing company controlled establish an effective quality assurance system and a wealth of design, manufacture, testing management experience. Currently with the company’s partners are: Ingersoll-Rand, Shou Li company, Dengfu machinery company, Doosan Power (mobile) company, Borg compressor company, Berg compressor companies. The company according to the different needs of customers, respectively customers design, manufacture, different specifications, models of steel pressure vessel. And to ensure that all types of pressure vessel design advanced, stable quality, safe and reliable.
The company warmly welcome all business inquiries line and site visits, business negotiations and seek cooperation. The company will adhere to the quality policy and quality objectives, pursue integrity first, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win business philosophy, to seek greater development space and more partners.

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Yuyao Jie Hua Compressor Co., Ltd.
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Fax: 86-574-62885321
E-mail: zytyjt@mail.nbptt.zj.cn
Website: www.china-general.com
Address: 69 sub-Ling Yuyao City Road



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