China has made a largest dam of Tibet on Brahmaputra


13 Oct 2015 [Tuesday] China has started largest dam of Tibet on Brahmaputra. Approximately $1.5 billion cost is on associated with this dam. India’s anxiety has increased, due to which the water supply has contribute to fears of interruption. China’s official Xinhua News Agency said, A major Hydro bower contractor China Gejoba Group from central China’s Hubei Province, connected all the six station units to the power grid. Giasa county,  situated in Shanan Prefecture, Jam hydropower station is also known by the name of the Jangmu hydropower station that is built on Brahmaputra river, This river is also known as Yarlung Jangbo in Tibet which comes from Tibet to India and then to Bangladesh. This is the highest dam and also called world’s largest hydropower station and it would create 2.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity till a year.

The company said it would remove power shortages in central Tibet and the lack of electricity , which will speed up development. It is an important energy base too  in central Tibet.

Officials said when power will be sufficient in summer season then power will be transferred to the neighboring province of Qinghai. The power station is approximately 140 kilometers far from  Tibet’s capital Lhasa.


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