Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute

Photo credit: Activ Solar via / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: Activ Solar via / CC BY-SA

About Us:

Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Group (hereinafter referred to as the North Pacific Group) was established in 1979, is China’s first solar professional research institutions in Beijing established direct government approval. Today, the North Pacific Group has become China’s most R & D strength in the solar industry, scientific research, production and sales of high-tech company, and enjoy high reputation in the international arena.

The North Pacific was founded in 1979, in 1985 the first implementation of enterprise management, in 1988 established the first wholly-owned subsidiary, in 2004 to complete the restructuring, in 2010 the introduction of strategic investment, in 2011 nine years development plan formulated in 2012 for the Group expansion . We can say that the North Pacific Group, the development process, is a traditional Chinese research institutes and state-owned system to a market-oriented transformation of a complete miniature.

Existing research area of ​​the North Pacific Group is divided into solar thermal technology and solar photovoltaic technology, biomass fuel technology and related materials science and technology related fields in the leader position. Business involving solar energy and low temperature, high temperature applications, solar thermal power plant construction, solar photovoltaic power station construction, biomass technology, contract energy management, system-wide solution integration, equipment manufacturing and technical advice, new energy culture, communication, home and other real estate . The company’s greatest asset is gathered a group specializing in solar energy research, development and production of high-level professionals, the birth of 10 state government subsidies and national outstanding contributions of experts of the State Council granted a college degree or higher professional and technical personnel accounting for 90 percent.

The North Pacific Group exports more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, including heat pipe vacuum tube and flat-plate collector through the European TUV certification, the European CE certification, the European solar energy product certification, testing and certification as well as South Korea, Spain, France Swiss solar testing and certification, to the German industrial standard DIN4757. Since the establishment of 79 years, a total 261 national patents, and won the national Ministry, municipal Science and Technology Progress Award 45, a Eureka Invention Award. 2010 served as the first “flat plate solar thermal Professional Committee,” executive vice president of the unit. 2011 has accumulated technology industry and trade revenue more than 4.1 billion yuan and exports worth nearly $ 200 million. And nurture mature Samp, SED two industry brand, renowned domestic and international markets.

In 2010, energy Huachen Group entered the North Pacific in the form of strategic investments, the new leadership in order to foster the introduction of nine-year plan Thumper “first culture”, the group will make the North Pacific in both technology and industry while moving to the pinnacle of the industry.

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Address: Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Dayangfang the 10th
Tel: 010-57930200
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