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About Us:

Industry status

China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”) was established in May 17, 2000, the registered capital of 220.4 billion yuan, assets of over 600 billion yuan, the annual income of more than 380 billion yuan scale. China Telecom is one of China’s three leading telecommunications operators, the year 2013 ranked the “Fortune” magazine Global 500 companies ranked 182, has been named the international authority of the most respected companies in Asia, Asia’s best-managed companies, etc. . As an integrated information service provider, China Telecom to provide customers with integrated information solutions, including mobile communications, broadband Internet access, high speed for business internet, information technology applications and products, including fixed telephone. It could also include customer services through cloud contact center solutions.

market expansion

China Telecom, the country’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) as well as major countries in Europe and America, Asia and other regions have set up branches, has the world’s largest broadband Internet and technology leader in mobile communications network, with customers across the world area, full-service integrated information service capability and customer service channel system. China Telecom owns “Tianyi pilot”, “Tianyi e home”, “Tianyi fly Young” and other well-known customer brand, and “Tone”, “wing payment” and many other well-known brands. China Telecom has a huge customer base, as of the end of 2014, the scale of broadband Internet access to more than 100 million users, 186 million mobile subscribers, fixed telephone subscribers of about 144 million.

Restructuring and development

In recent years, China Telecom firmly grasp the information and communication industry increasingly large change presents, big convergence trends, adhering to the “openness, cooperation, innovation,” the spirit of the Internet, located in the “smart pipe leader, integrated platform provider , content and applications of the participants, “to break the traditional thinking of imprisonment, deepen enterprise reform, continue to promote the strategic transformation: optimize customer service, expanding the field of value creation, through market-oriented operation deep stimulate the vitality of enterprises, through different operations continued to build competitive advantage, to further liberate the productive forces, enhance the power of enterprise development, to promote the company to the evolution of Internet-based business model, and strive to use five years to rebuild a new type of China Telecom.

4G operators

December 2013, China Telecom issued by the State Ministry of 4G operating license, opening a new era of 4G operations, in February 2014 over a hundred cities in the country to achieve 4G business operations. We will actively promote the 4G network construction, through the hybrid network to build a seamless high-speed mobile network, and co-ordinate the development of good cooperative 4G, 3G and broadband services, to create the whole scene network advantages, accelerate the pace of commercial 4G, provide users with faster Tianyi 4G service experience better, and the majority of users enjoy a better information for the new life.

Contact Us:

China Telecommunications Corporation

Address: Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China 31

Postal Code: 100032

Headquarters Front Desk: + 86-10-58501800

Letters and telephone hotlines: 18911351635 (customer complaints will not be accepted or business consulting)

(Hours: weekdays 9: 00-11: 00 14: 00-17: 00)

Fax: + 86-10-58501060


China Telecom Global Customer Service Center: 8621-50581000 (overseas, English)

China Telecom Global customer service hotline 4008882580


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