India is the world’s seventh most valued nation brand , US is on top.


new Delhi. India has become the world’s seventh most valued nation brand. His brand value has increased by 32 per cent and it has gone up a position. After China this is on second number in emerging countries. India’s brand value is estimated at $ 2.1 billion. US is on top with 19.7 billion ranking along with valuation. China is on second and Germany on third position in the list. This ranking has come from the annual report prepared by ‘Brand Finance’ which is the world’s most valued nation brand.

Top five countries succeeded in maintaining its ranking
UK is on fourth, Japan on fifth and France is on the sixth position . France’s position is also increased in comparison to the previous year along with India. All top five countries are able to maintain their ranking .

India has the highest growth in brand value
The brand value of India has increased by 32 per cent in top 20 countries . While China’s brand value has decreased by one per cent . Even with the $ 6.3 billion that is remains second most valued brand Nation .

” Incredible India ” slogan have done amazed.

The report also said that India’s ‘ Incredible India’ slogan has done good work . While Volkswagen crisis has affected the status of Germany

American is on top because of Business Climate , Education , Entertainment.

A report said about US that due to its excellent business climate it remains the world’s most powerful brand. However, it also noted that the economic strength is its greatest brand value. America’s top educational system greatly enchases its strength. In addition, music and entertainment industry in terms of its top position in brand Nation increases its effect significantly.

China grow ahead from America almost certain
The report said that the US ‘s soft power will help them to keep the Valuable Nation Brands for some time. And it will continue until China will not become the world’s largest economy , which is becoming almost certain . The study further states that due to recent fluctuation in market and decline in its growth rate America is helping to stay on top

India in on top in Bricks countries
In BRICS nations only India has seen an increase in brand value . The rest four Country Brazil , Russia , China and South Africa ‘s brand value has decreased . After China , India is the second most valued brand in Emerging economy . After that Brazil , Russia and South Africa are on the number .

Such ranking of the top seven countries:
1 America
2 China
3 Germany
4 Britain
5 Japan
6 France
7 India
Ranking is on Top 100 countries
Brand Finance said that they prepare world’s 100 top countries
Brand Finance has said that it prepares brands Nation of world top 100 countries. The strength and value of these countries in order to be seen . Royalty relief mechanism is used to determine the ranking of the Nation Brands value in deciding the ranking of the world’s largest companies.

GDP is used as a proxy
Nation Brand valuation is based on the sale of five -year brand projections of a country. In this regard, it is a complex procedure. GDP is used for total revenue as a proxy or Representatives.


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