Positive job market of India , most companies will hire


Mumbai. As the Indian economy has recorded higher growth rate, so the job market is starting to look quite positive. Most companies are going to recruitment in the coming days. This is good news for job seekers. These things are revealed by a survey. In the survey, 76 per cent companies said that they are going to increase their headcount by next year. Mean jobs are going to meet new people in large number.
240 Companies have been involved in a Survey
Michael Page ‘s 2015-16 ‘India Salary and Employment Outlook’ survey covers 240 companies . These companies are all major sectors of the industry which are coming from large MNCs and SMEs .
Confidence increased due to increased investment
Michael Page India Senior MD Sebastian Hampartjomian said that this survey has conducted by our dedicated team of recruitment professionals. We have talked with the senior executives, whom we have deep knowledge of the Indian market trend. This potential increase in the number of jobs has become possible due to the increase in investment. He said that because of increased investment companies confidence is increasing along with the people.

Possibility of Brand Image and Promotion Inductive
Hampartjomian said that if a person accepts a new role as in new company, behind of its decision, brand image, the possibility of career advancement and international opportunities are just a fact .

Easy to attract talent from social media
Hampartjomian said that the more ambitious people take decisions with a clear picture of career advancement. Online engagement of people is increasing in India,
It’s been easy for companies to connect themselves with talented people through social media. He said that the companies should do their online presence better and stronger .

Merit and competence are key , not experience
Hampartjomian the interesting trends that emerged during the survey operation , the human resource is clear in the country ‘s modernization. Now people are being appointed on the basis of interest . Their merit and competence in the appointment of youth is preferred, even if they have less experience . While traditionally, experience is preferred in India.

E-Commerce , Healthcare and Infrastructure are Emerging Sectors
The report states that markets is full of enthusiasm in sector like e – commerce, healthcare and infrastructure in emerging. Now companies want to keep to an employee to perform better .
Companies are going to hike salary along with 10-15 percent recognition and reward
60 percent of companies said they will use both Recognition and reward to keep add employee with good performance. 62 per cent companies said that they are going to pay 10-15 per cent hike in the next 12 months.


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