What Imprinted Images in Notes Describe India


New Delhi: Every currency note in India has an imprinted image on it
and every note has a different image on back side of it. These images
is about culture and development of India. Every photo on a note is
unique. Here is the meaning of images printed on currency notes from 1
rupee to 1000 rupees.

One rupee: on one rupee note, the imprinted image is of Oil refinery
which indicates development of India is possible through industrial
developments only.

Two rupees: There are two kinds of two rupees currency notes. One is
imprinted with Aryabhatt satellite which indicates the development of
India in science and technology. Another is imprinted with Royal
Bengal tiger image which is our national animal. This represents our

Five rupees:
Five rupees currency note is imprinted with the image of
farmers on tractors in agricultural field. This represents the
importance of agriculture in development of India.

Ten rupees: Ten rupees currency note is also imprinted with two
different images. In older one, there is imprinted image of peacock
which represents the art and culture of India. And in newer one, there
is an imprinted image of elephant and other animals which represents
the biodiversity in India.

Twenty rupees:
The image of Sun temple of Konark is imprinted on older
twenty rupees currency note which represents architecture expertise in
India in older days. And in newer one, there is an imprinted image of
palm tree and Andaman Island which represents overall diversity of

Fifty rupees: The image of parliament house is imprinted on fifty
rupees currency note which reflects the democratic and traditional
values in India.

Hundred rupees: The image of mountain and sky is imprinted on hundred
rupees currency note which is taken from India’s highest mountain peak
Kanchanjunga. It shows the highest mountain peak of India.

Five hundred rupees: The image of Dandi march is imprinted on five
hundred rupees currency note. This is indicative to freedom struggle
of India. Dandi march was started by Mahatma Gandhi against the laws
formed by British for salt.

One thousand rupees: The image imprinted on one thousand rupee
currency note is of paddy crops, computer, satellite, towers etc. This
image represents Indian economy.


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