People Of These Countries Donate Highest In The World

Donate Highest In The World
Donate Highest In The World

People Of These Countries Donate Highest In The World

There are many countries in the world where people are donating generously. “Charity Aid Foundation has released a list of the world’s most connected people to donating generously. Also, most people are willing to help others in the list of countries which mentioned .145 countries are included in this list. India is in 106th place in this list.


Myanmar is the first number in the list of most donors. According to the report, 92 per cent of Myanmar ‘s population lives forward in helping the poor. 55 per cent people of this country take time for Social Services.  While Myanmar is a lower middle-income country.


The US is the second number in the list of donor countries. However, last year the US was first in the list. According to the Charities Aid Foundation, 76 percent of Americans, stay ahead to helping others. In the US, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffet owns Warkshayar Hathaway also give generous donations.

New Zealand

Similarly, 73 per cent of New Zealand to stay ahead in wealth to charity. Even 65 per cent of people are in the forefront in helping strangers. However, the practice of voluntarily joining in social activities is at 45 percent.


Among industrialized countries, Canada is also included in the top 10 donor countries. 69 per cent of Canadian ready to help strangers, 44 per cent people donated funds and 44 per cent people always ready for social work.


A few years ago, the image of Australia was like those countries, which is rich, yet do not want to share their prosperity with others. However, Australia is placed fifth in the ranking of CAF. Even 66 percent people are ready to help strangers, and 72 percent for social work to donate and 40 per cent are willing to give free service.


According to the list donor of five G-20 countries includes in the list of top 20.75 per cent are willing to donate in the UK Similarly, 63 percent people who helped strangers and 32 per cent for social welfare tended to live.


Like the Dutch population, Netherlands is also include in top donor countries. 73% population is ready to donate, 59 percent people helping strangers while It is a bit behind in social workers.


India’s neighboring country, Srilanka is on eight number in the list. It comes in poor countries. After that this includes in the list of top ten countries. 60 percent people are ready to help strangers, 59 percent ready to donate and 48 percent for social work.


Ireland is on ninth number. 67 percent population donates money. 59 percent people come to help strangers. 41 percent people find time and come for social work.


Malaysia is on good position in the list. 69 percent people are ready to help strangers. Similarly 58 percent people donates money and 37 percent people are ready to do social work from their own choice.

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