Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addressed The Nation’ On Mann Ki Baat


Prime Minister Narendra is addressing the nation on his bi-monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’. This was 14th edition of the programme which aired on 29th November at 11 am. Winter is approaching, I suggest you to work out and remain fit. In good weather, we must practice good habits: PM Modi. He mentioned referring to Punjab farmers to burn crop residues fields and highlighted the damages on environment. Prime Minister said that we should not burn crop residue. PM said that every person has a responsibility to take action against climate change.

Referring to Noorjahan & Javed

PM referring to Javed Ahmed of Jammu and Kashmir . He was disabled in the incident. PM told Javed Ahmed life as the source of inspiration for people. After disabilities he is teaching people. Organ donation is the largest donation, “ PM said”. The Prime Minister praised the dedication of the workers hope. Whenever Bill Gates and Melinda Gates meet me, they appreciate the ASHA workers. One Noor Jehan, a woman from UP’s Kanpur, is inspiring the whole world. And her name also implies giving light to the whole world. She has formed a committee of women and set up a plant of solar energy lanterns. And nearly 500 homes have been lighted.

“Man ki baat”  is broadcast every month   

PM share their views that broadcast every month with those of the country under radio Program “Man Ki Baat”  The purpose of this program , to communicate with the people living in remote areas of the country. First program of “Man Ki Baat”  was broadcast before three years on 03rd October. Three e-books have been placed on MyGov on Swachh Bharat, Sansaad Adarsh Gram & health sector. Do read them. MUDRA Yojana is about funding the unfunded. For me this is about 3Es- enterprise, earning and empowerment. The speed that I desire for MUDRA Yojana has not happened but yes the start has been good.




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