Govt. will issue bid for 4 new UMPPs soon

Govt. will issue bid for 4 new UMPPs soon
Govt. will issue bid for 4 new UMPPs soon


New Delhi: By 2022 the government is now focusing his ultra-mega power plant (UMPP) is turned on to meet the promise of 24-hour electricity. The government will be issued 4 new UMPP ultra bids for 4,000 MW. UMPP imposed by UPM government has not yet fully operational, the current government is decided to take lessons to issue new rules on the bid.

UPA government had challenge and decided to take land 4 new ultra in 2007. The work was begun around, but only two UMPP have been become operational.  Also it is being said that after cancellation of UMPP bid in Tamil Nadu and Odisha, this plan had flopped due to lack of UPA government guidelines. That is why the new government is now prepare new guidelines. It will be implemented soon.

A report said  that the UMPP problem is that these model based on design, build, finance, operate and transfer (DBFOT), The developer does not have ownership of the project, therefore landers are not showing more interest in finance to them. But now there is a provision that the new UMPP will be based on the model of build, own and operate that will inspire lander for finance.

According to the new rules on fuel costs rise, companies will be allowed to join the tariff, while fuel costs till now bid was divided into two parts, one part of it has to be afford by the UMPP developer. Due to this UMPP developer had to include fuel costs always and the cost of the project was increased.

Operating and infrastructure in new rules are proposed to share in two parts. Two separate SPVs become to operate Plant’s land. The developer will take advantage to take loan by keeping separate the project land and plant’s Mortgage. By this developer will get the double loan.

  1. UMPP is running successfully in Sasan in Madhya Pradesh. It is being operated by Reliance Power.
  2. UMPP put up in Talaiyya in Jharkhand is not yet operated. It is being operated by Reliance Power.
  3. UMPP at Mundra in Gujarat is running successfully. It is being operated by Tata Power.
  4. UMPP construction work could not be turned on in Andhra Pradesh Krishnapatnam. It is to be operated by Reliance Power.



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