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Acuaculture Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives via / No known copyright restrictions


About us:

Changshu Hing-chuen, nutritional additives Co., Stephen Hing Group (GROBEST GROUP) was established in 1993 invested by the Parent Group, mainly engaged in powder, granules, extruded and other special aquatic feed and additives in the production, and also engaged in trade of feed ingredients and feed Formulation design services. 
    Parent Group, Stephen Hing Group, since 1974, with the growth of the global expansion of aquaculture and Peng Bo, to expand the operation, continuous research and development, has been set up in Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Vietnam factory in China also continue to invest in the establishment of local Changshu Hing-chuen, nutritional additives Co., Tong Mei Feed Co., Chi Mei Hing Trading Co., Ltd. (fish oil, fish meal), Shunde Quanxing aquatic feed Co., Ltd. Fuzhou feed the hippocampus, Shenzhen joint Aquatic Development Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Hing-chuen, food companies and food companies such as Hainan Hing-chuen. In addition, the Group established in Los Angeles, California, United States food company Hing-chuen, to promote fish sales and other business, and in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Miami and Vladivostok were also provided management and aquatic products sales office.Stephen Hing Group thirty years, has grown to become one of Asia’s largest one-stop Fisheries Group, GROBEST aquaculture has become a well-known international brand of gold. 
    In the “professionalism, responsibility, honor,” the purpose of operating the Parent Group, Changshu Hing-chuen, has consistently uphold the pin and health education through the concept of aquaculture, the world’s most advanced farming technology, through a variety of channels, the concrete implementation of the teachings of the aquaculture industry healthy aquaculture techniques. Under ten years of deep plowing efforts, we have demonstrated results. 
In terms of quality control, all the raw material Changshu Hing-chuen, were carefully selected, checks are almost demanding more control.In 2002, Changshu Hing-chuen, namely to obtain export Exit Inspection and Quarantine issued food animals (fish) Feed feed production business registration certificate 3200 / SL012, and ISO / DIS22000 international quality management system certification, all products are experience Central Jing syndrome is friendly and pollution-free aquatic animal feed, and the Shanghai Municipal Government has for many years evaluation is a good brand. 
Changshu Hing-chuen, to help farmers make money as a business philosophy, do everything we can to meet the needs of farmers in the most appropriate. In order to make farmers more with international standards, Changshu Hing-chuen, the company at any time to provide the latest information to the international aquaculture farming industry, in order to grasp the pulse of global aquaculture. 
    Changshu Hing-chuen, a nutritional supplement company located in Changshu City Council where towns south of the Yangtze production base, convenient transportation and elegant environment, fresh air, the most suitable for the production of pollution-free aquatic feed. Changshu Hing-chuen, the company sincerely welcome to visit the company’s aquaculture, farming experience and knowledge exchange, SADC Changshu Hing-chuen, people-oriented, harmonious unity and cooperation of the corporate culture.

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Address: No.8 Gakunan Road, Changshu City branch Town Ho City
Contact: within Manager
Tel: 0512-52547725
Fax: 0512-52541728
QQ Customer Service: 417 398 030
Website: http: //www.csgrobest .com


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