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 Sichuan Electric Group Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Electric Factory, hereinafter referred to as the Sichuan Electric) was founded in 1965, the Department of the development and production of high-voltage switchgear and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment and high voltage electrical components of professional enterprises. 28 national high-voltage manufacturing enterprises and 44 Low-voltage switch equipment sentinel production enterprises. The company is the director of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association executive director of high-voltage switch branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association executive director of electrical control and distribution branch, Sichuan Electrical Industry Association. Chinese companies as high-voltage switchgear equipment Standardization Technical Committee members, members of the low voltage switchgear equipment China Standardization Technical Committee, China’s power industry, switching equipment standard committee member units, undertake to participate in national, industry made important criteria in the areas of product manufacturing and testing, etc. (revision) and review work, and raise the level of our standard level product to make its due contribution.

    Sichuan Electric After forty years of unremitting efforts, has developed into the total assets of over 400 million, total revenue exceeded 600 million, has 12 wholly-owned, holding, shares of high-tech companies and OEM enterprise group. Sichuan Electric employing more than 800 people, covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, with more than 60,000 square meters of production and business sites, with industry-leading levels of flexible sheet metal production lines, the cabinet surface coating production lines, transformer production line, production line breaker busbar production lines and other hardware systems, is the provincial technical centers and two state enterprises, the State 863 Program CIMS application demonstration enterprises and high-tech enterprises, China’s outstanding private technology enterprises. Sichuan Electric is an electrical switching industry well-known enterprises at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

    R & D staff of the company strong technical work force accounted for 30% of the total number of companies, senior engineer 12 people (including senior state government subsidy of 2 people), participated in the national switch industry standardization committee, China’s power industry standard switching equipment China Low-voltage switchgear work Standardization Technical Committee of the Board and, also in Chengdu Technology Innovation Project Review Committee and engineers review committee.

    The company’s products outstanding, high level of technology through 40 years of technology innovation, the company has included a plurality of circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear and other types of products made 130 series, which, ZN42-27.5 railway dedicated switch, access to the Ministry of Railways, “Science and Technology Achievement Award “; KYN series switchgear and ZN42 AC high voltage vacuum circuit breakers for individual products,” Sichuan Famous Brand “title. Up to a dozen products have been national patents. Companies active in independent research and development, while vigorously promoting external technical cooperation, met with Southwest Jiaotong University, the Ministry of Railways of the second Design Institute, the Ministry of Railways fourth and Design Institute, Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, Tianjin Electric Drive Research Institute, ABB, South Korea INTEC, American companies such as GE to establish a stable solid technical cooperation. The company precipitated a solid deep technical background, the national transmission and distribution industry product technology development has made a significant contribution to reducing the gap of medium voltage switchgear and switchgear with developed countries.

    The company’s products competitive market companies with high-quality, high-tech, highly adaptable product range and excellent after-sales service support system, won the praise and love, in the market established a “Sichuan Electric” brand, the industry won the “four little dragons” in the world. The company has for the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall project, Shenzhou V spacecraft engineering, Nanning-Kunming railway construction, light rail construction project in Chongqing, the Beijing-Shanghai railway line electrification project, the relocation and expansion project of the Capital Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Chengdu subway project, wide Zhuhai intercity express railway project, Jiang Yiwu line project, into the filling fast rail project, Shanghai International Airport project, Shanghai 300,000 tons ethylene project, the Xichang Satellite Launch Base project, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base project, the airport project, the Three Gorges Power Plant Project King and other domestic heavy engineering provides high-quality switchgear equipment. Company products are sold to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and exports to Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Burundi and other 18 countries and regions.

    Adhering to further promote the “new thinking, the heart to create a” new concept of comprehensive economic restructuring, according to the “economic efficiency, technological progress as the guide to enhance the quality of the theme, insist on the relevant stock products and traditional business, prudent investment integration, enhance the development of sound, insist on full use of existing assets, based on the horizontal cooperation of social resources, to strengthen the company’s ability to adapt to domestic target market, increase ‘Sichuan Electric’ brand influence to promote the sustainable development of enterprises, to achieve optimal efficiency, promote ! coordinated development of companies and employees, “the guiding ideology, determined the scale of operation five years ago, Sichuan Electric Group of Ten into the industry, margin remained the same industry leading level; become a prominent innovation, brand reputation and visibility dramatically, management science, product chain integrity, extensive horizontal cooperation of our electrical power industry’s flagship companies.

    Relentless innovation, tireless scraps, Sichuan Electric for the community, the country has made great contributions to the history of flowers and honor of casting brilliant “Sichuan Electric Soul” Sichuan appliances, mellow, long, bright future Sichuan Electric, vast, unlimited. Sichuan Electric will be adhering to the “integrity work, pragmatic innovation, customer service, to serve the community,” the business purpose, the establishment of efficient management mechanism, enhance core competitiveness, determined to build a “century-old, world-class” Sustainable development of high-tech Group companies, and is willing to join hands with the community insight, challenge themselves, challenge tomorrow, to achieve the aspirations, beyond the dreams!

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