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Yixing Rongshengda
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Yixing Rongshengda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

Yixing Rongshengda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. located in the scenic Taihu Lake, the world-famous pottery – Yixing City. The company specializes in water treatment and environmental protection equipment for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation management, commitment to new technology, new products, development of new materials, design and application of environmental protection. Founded in May 1995, the predecessor of Yixing Environmental Protection Equipment Factory Shengda (1979) and Yixing Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Rongsheng (1987). The company set up in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen, Jiujiang, Changsha and offices, and in 2004 the establishment of Tianjin Central Coal Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, so the initial realization of the company’s scale of operations and leaps and bounds .

The company occupies about 36000m2, construction area of 20000m2. The company has standardized plant, supporting the advanced sound processing and testing equipment. Currently 123 employees, secondary or higher accounted for 67.65%, undergraduate or higher degree of 27. Senior Engineer 3 (another 7 External), engineer 19. The company started in 1989 with Tongji University in Shanghai to carry out technical cooperation. Over the past decade, the company has successively with the China Institute of Environmental Sciences, China Light Industry Design Institute Shanghai, North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, 华陆公 Division, Tianchen company, rings Company, East China Engineering Science and Technology, China Chemical Industry Company Shanghai Environmental Institute for the Protection and a dozen research institutions and research institutions close technical cooperation, has been committed to new technology, new materials, development, development and application of new products.

Under the joint efforts of all staff, the company has been named Wuxi Municipal People’s Government since 1998, “the contract and trustworthy enterprise.” The company in November 1999 for the first time through the ISO9002 quality system certification, in April 2002 through the ISO9001. The company also won the Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection operation of the facility qualification certificate in 2001, so in theory and in practice have proved the great ability of the company and a good image in the installation, commissioning and after-sales service as well as environmental protection facilities of property management.

Our products include water treatment in various fields, mainly over thirty varieties of 300 kinds of specifications, TWZ comprehensive sewage treatment equipment, QF flotation purification equipment, QCS upflow anaerobic sludge bed and other equipment and devices in 1995 in Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Commission technical appraisal, in 1998 in Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection recommended products, in 1999 the State Environmental Protection Certificate, the latest development of the international advanced level of DJAM type dish jet aerator in April 2004 by the State Environmental Protection Administration of Science and Technology Standards Department of scientific and technological achievements identification and identification of new products, the product was named “2004 China’s outstanding environmental protection device”, “high-tech products in Jiangsu Province in 2005”, “2005 National Key New Product.” High concentration organic wastewater treatment technology of water was named “2005 national key environmental protection practical technology.”

The company’s quality policy is: scientific management, quality and efficiency, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction!

Quality objectives are: the product a passing rate greater than 95%, increasing 1 percent annually the next three years; customer feedback processing rate of 100%, 100% and strive to deal with the satisfaction rate!

The company has always been to high standards and strict requirements of organizational design, production, installation and service, will remain in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements for equipment design, production and services, to provide users with high quality, reliable performance, improve service, price Shipping products.

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Ion exchanger, Air float water purifier, Domestic sewage treatment equipment.


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