How to Import Cheap Clothes from China in Wholesale?

Import Cheap Clothes from China
How to Import Cheap Clothes from China?

How to Import Cheap Clothes from China?

One problem which arises in the way to start your own retail clothing store or business is the source from where do we import clothing material in wholesale. The best solution to this problem is to import cheap clothes from China. 

If we explore Chinese websites, we will find many cheap design items but not the original designer clothing. However, we can get a lot of distinctive designers clothing with good quality from China.

Many retailers and designers can make a whole lot of money by importing cheap clothes from China by following a proper procedure of importing:-

1.    Explore all rules and regulations of import in the importing country.

2.    Find out Duties and Taxes to pay on imported goods for custom clearance

3.    Obtain import licenses and permit

4.    Consult to those who are already in the importing business.

5.    Search suppliers on various websites as and much more.

6.    Contact 2-3 suppliers and buy from the reasonable one.

7.    Explore the Chinese market for prices.

8.    Firstly order the minimum quantity to ensure the quality of the product.

9.    Don’t rely on photographs of product it is better to ask for a purchased sample.

10.  Choose the suppliers to provide attractive margins like free shipping etc.

11.  Proper storage space for the imported good.

12.  Proper legal contract should be signed between you and supplier

13.  Proper insurance coverage for the imported goods.

14.  Customer reviews about your products are important.

15.  The good relationship with a supplier as well as a customer is important.

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Dear Reader, We provide the procedures/steps to import from China, you can refer like websites for supplies.



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