Secrets of best gifts For Social Occasion

Photo credit: FutUndBeidl via / CC BY
Photo credit: FutUndBeidl via / CC BY


If you are going to someone’s house then present a gift for host as it shows gratitude towards them. If you are going to a house where there are children then you must take some toys, candy, chocolates books etc. as gift for them.

If you are confused what to give then give flowers as it is very traditional but never give white flowers used for funeral.

Fruits, photo frames, scarves or perfume as it is very common in Chinese culture to give fruit as a gift. But remember one thing fruit must be in pair of two and not in four as for is the symbol of death and deliberated as a bad luck. But never ever give a fruit i.e.; pear to any couple and don’t cut it into pair of two as it is a symbol of breakage

The best gift to give your friend is tea as it shows the deepness of your friendship.

Suggested gifts: Brandy, chocolates, cakes.

If you are going for inauguration to someone’s house then give them vase as it is a symbol of peace.



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