Meet the man behind the success of Shiva International: Mr. Himanshu

Shiva International
Shiva International

Shiva International

The SHIVA INTERNATIONAL has been famous for combining strong commercial success with a commitment to social values and to its work force.

Mr. Himanshu  GUPTA has redefined the company’s business strategy; he invested a lot in innovative product development, marketing, advertising, and technology. Many Owners of companies talk about values, but few of them have gone to the lengths. Mr. Himanshu has brought them to the very center of how he runs the business. The Aspirations Statement is shaping how the company defines occupational roles and responsibilities, conducts performance evaluations, trains new employees, organizes work, and makes business decisions.

The result is a remarkably flexible and innovative company, despite its age and size. And the company has made a successful major push into global markets.

Here, he reveals his inspiration

Mr. Himanshu got the idea about company formation from the Golden period of my college. I had decided to become an Entrepreneur in future and read several business books and magazines and felt cool while reading about the leading business personalities and dreamed the same one day.

I think I am dynamic in experience, and dynamic in perspectives, cooperative to acknowledge our own contributions to problems, personal accountability, teamwork, trust and amiable by actively pushing responsibility, trust, and recognition of the organization.

Don’t be rash towards the success.”  That was the best advice I’ve ever been given. Don’t be rash towards the success with a shortcut but plan with due diligence then work over it dynamically.

Vision and Mission 

The decision is concerned, it depends on the types of the decision like management level decisions are taken by management only and lower level decisions or administrative level decisions are taken by the authority who is authorized as per the company policy or memorandum.

I believe that behind the success of any person is, his continuous efforts with due diligence to fix the target. Once the target is fixed than to grab, It requires team work with full enthusiasm.

My company vision as a concern to have the latest technology in the field of electronic transmission and mission to open office, outlets in every corner of the Globe.

As an owner, my responsibility is to move the business to a level of prosperity with the latest innovation globally.

It’s all my passion that without any background support, as nobody else in my family was in the business before. I am the one who started the company. It’s all my passion, my interest and my idea who helped me to evolve this company. From my college days when I read business books and magazines. I used to get inspired by the interviews of the leading personalities, all these things together combined with my hard work resulted in the “Shiva International” and that is why I am here. But I got too much of moral support from my family without which it cannot be able to meet it.

Shiva International trade “CO-AXIAL” cables used to transmit electronic signals with other associated products. We Import a part of a product from China and assemble here and then offer to the consumers.

We are unique because of many reasons as :

Firstly, We provide genuine products with reasonable prices and credit system to the consumers.

Secondly, No piracy of product.

Thirdly, We offer door step services and

Finally, Cool communication with excellent administration.

We hold the market with our latest technique and most important genuine and accurate specification based products with high quality. Producers and Consumers relationship is important and valuable for us. We focus on quality than money-making so that we can reach our targets and every market on the globe.

For the welfare of employees we provide all the facility which is required and mandatory like medical, insurance, PF, Bonus etc. and do cultural programs like get together once in a month, attend seminars and conduct workshops etc.


Aspiration Statements

We all wish a company that our collaborators measure pleased with and committed to, wherever all collaborator get a chance to contribute, learn, grow, and advance supported benefit, no politics or background. We wish our folks to feel appreciated, treated fairly, listened to, and concerned. Above all, we wish satisfaction from accomplishments and friendships, balanced personal and skilled lives, and to have fun in our endeavors.

When we describe the kind of SHIVA INTERNATIONAL. We want in the future, what we are talking about is building on the foundation we have inherited. Affirming the best of our company’s traditions, closing gaps that may exist between principles and practices, and updating some of our values to reflect contemporary circumstances.


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