Clothing Manufacturers of Children’s & Baby in China : A Complete Solution

Import Baby Garment China
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Import Baby Garment China

We are giving you a complete solution by sharing our expertise in clothing manufacturing of children’s and baby in China. It is not new for our readers who are reading our articles consistently. It is based on product submission: including material guidelines, marking supplies and physical belongings. Along with this, we also brief what you should know about product analysis – and why importers are wise to stay away from ready-made ‘off shelf’ items in this field.

What are the obstacles when Importing Children’s & Baby Clothing?

In all major markets including the United States, Australia and the European Union Children’s products including clothing, are harshly regulated. Nonconformity fines are severe, and assortment in United States among US$5,000 to US$100,000 per damage.

Fines in Europe, are slightly lower, and its consequences is up to six months imprisonment and fine of £5,000 per violation for example the United Kingdom. This is the reason that all non-compliant This is the reason that all non- compliant clothes of baby and children are the matter of an instant required remembrance.

When importing baby and children’s clothing from China who is responsible to ensure compliance? The importer is, without exclusions. This duty cannot be shifted to a foreign manufacturer.

The main challenge is to confirm the agreement, when baby and children clothing to be import and even more so when the material acquired in China.

Firstly, maximum Chinese sellers in the industry are not able to obey. We will describe more in this article, protocols in this area apply to many components: including elements, physical goods and labelling. In order to even be able to obey, a manufacturer must meet the following:

  1. According to the ASTM (US) and ISO (EU) standards it has previous experience manufacturing objects.



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