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3D Printer Filament Producers China
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3D Printer Filament Producers China

3D Printer Filament Producers China, 3D printers have become a reasonable product in current years price as slight as US$500. This is basically due to the fast growth of China’s 3D printer producers. We share the conclusions from our own industry research, including manufacturing collections, agreement related concerns and technical terms in this article.

Major 3D Printer Manufacturing Collections in Mainland China

The fast growth of the 3D printer industry is comparatively new. Shenzhen in Guangdong region is home to the superior part 3D printer producers of China. There are still a slighter group in other cities and outlying areas one of them is Jinhua in Zhejiang, located a three-hour drive from Shanghai.  A lot of minor dealers missing technical expertise to communicate consumer supplies and confirm value have picked up the 3D printer as some sort of device product. As such many dealers on online B2B directories are mere middlemen, offering nothing but increased prices and threats. Alternatively, we recommend 3D printer consumers to classify and consider producers on the following factors:

  1. Registered Money

    This is a research and money intensive industry and above is to be expected from a medium scale 3D printer producer RMB 10,000,000 around US$1,580,000.

  2. Agreement Track Record

    3D printers are as other machines subject to numerous product values and rules. Certify that the dealer has preceding experience developed 3D printers according to the values and rules in our nation.

  3. Quality Administration System (QAS)

    A QAS is implemented to track and stop faulty components and elements such as ISO 9001:2008.


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