No Negotiation on One China Policy Despite Trump Remarks

One China Policy
China:- No negotiation on One China Policy despite Trump remarks

No Negotiation on One China Policy Despite Trump Remarks

No Negotiation on One China Policy, China’s Foreign Ministry unwaveringly pushed back Saturday against President-elect Donald Trump’s recommendation that the “One China” policy on Taiwan is debatable, calling it the “political establishment” of the connection between the US and China. China sees Taiwan as a rogue territory and, since 1979; the US has recognized Beijing’s case that Taiwan is a piece of China, with US- China relations ruled by an arrangement of protocols known as the “One China” approach.

“The ‘One China’ guideline is the political establishment of Sino- US relations and it is non- debatable. We recommend the relevant side in the US to perceive the high affectability of the Taiwan issue and fulfill the promises by progressive US administrations from both sides,” representative Lu Kang said. He was reacting to a question about Trump’s comments on Friday in The Wall Street Journal in which he stated, “Everything is under transaction, including ‘One China.’ ”

“The promises are inclusive of adaptation of the ‘One China’ policy, sticking to the standards in the three Sino-US joint reports and legitimately taking care of the Taiwan issue. Just doing as such would prevent the sound and stable improvement of Sino-US relations and in addition to the reciprocal collaboration in vital areas from being influenced,” Lu included.

The Chinese authority highlighted the global group’s view on the issue in an announcement. “There is just a single China on the planet. Taiwan is an indivisible piece of Chinese domain and the People’s Republic of China is the only legit governmental representative of China,” Lu said. “These are facts perceived by the international community and nobody can change this.”


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