Import Furniture from China in Just 3 Simple Steps

How to Import Furniture from China to India
Steps to Import Furniture from China

How to Import Furniture from China to India in Just 3 Simple Steps

China is home, where a shedload of furniture manufacturers is available and it’s the product for which the country is still going confidently of. Many suppliers enable customized products, even at least orders and the minimum order quantities inclined to be equally low.

It seems that furniture is not such a business-friendly as compared to toys and electronics. The following article will give an introduction to How to Import Furniture from China to India?

Follow these 3 simple steps to import furniture from China

Step 1: Search for a Chinese Furniture Supplier

By simply looking at the picture of a product, we can’t imagine the look ‘n’ feel of that product and asking for furniture samples is quite expensive. For this, you need to go there and search for the number of suppliers available in the market of China. When going to China on a Business trip, you further have two options:

Option 1: Trade Fairs

In China, visiting a Trade Fair is a well-organized way to hunt for furniture suppliers and where you can personally meet an abundance of suppliers and under one roof, you can have a look at their furniture samples. The drawback of visiting a Trade Fair is that one can’t get a chance to visit their factory and a luxurious or attractive stall doesn’t always represent a Genuine supplier.

Option 2: Independent Business Trip
  • In general, suppliers of China are quite informal and are open to visiting their clients. One can directly go to their office. But in China, meeting with suppliers is an art in its own form and before booking your flight, you need to make some preparations.
  • Source suppliers are from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Shandong, and Shanghai. Suppliers who belong from the east coast are more knowledgeable and offer products with higher quality as compared to inland suppliers in Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi, and Sichuan.
  • Prior to arriving in China, you first confirm product specifications, certification and negotiate prices. Then, in order to avoid wasting precious time in seeing those suppliers who cannot shape up with your requirements first, you need to spit out the not genuine suppliers at an early stage.
  • Lastly, have a word with your supplier asking for a previous fire retardant test report.
Note: Importing furniture that is not in compliance with your country’s certification standard is illegal

Step 2: Getting Product Ready for Required Modifications and Certifications

How to Import Furniture from China to India is not like traveling to Ikea, pick your favorite wardrobe and then getting it delivered the next day. Suppliers of Chinese furniture are customary manufacturing products based on the buyer’s specifications & requirements. The supplier allows you to decide on materials, colors, and components. If you don’t select on these things, they will do it for you and the result could be disastrous, so better think about it.

There are some factors to decide the product cost
  • Factory price,
  • Quality of product, and it’s legal to import into your country are the cover,
  • The legs and foam material etc.

Always consider that several countries and markets have strict product regulations and when comes to furniture you need to be confirmed about whether the foam is fire retardant or not. A few fire retardant standards are mentioned below:

  • USA CA117 (United States)
  • BS5852 (United Kingdom)
  • M1 (European Union)

However, a large number of Chinese suppliers are manufacturing products basically for the domestic market. Thus, fewer (often less than 5%) are able to be in accordance with the US and European standards. If you don’t know how to source manageable suppliers on your own, you can go for hiring a sourcing agent.

Step 3: Shipping

As Furniture are products of high volume, so we can’t even think about air freight. Even the viability of LCL sea freight could be questioned. Remember that LCL shipping looks really inexpensive on a quotation from a Chinese supplier, but when the cargo reaches in the port of destination, you’ll be charged up to 300 dollars per cubic meter.

The other important thing is regarding export packing. As we all know, furniture is heavy and stacking a bunch of leather sofas might not be a good idea. Ask your supplier to clearly state which export packing they are intending to use. Using of cheap and substandard export packing can ruin an order of a client.

Hope,  you understand How to Import Furniture from China to India?

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