OPPO Announced as Top Smartphone Seller & Overtook by Huawei

Top Smartphone Seller OPPO 
Top Smartphone Seller OPPO 

Top Smartphone Seller OPPO 

OPPO Announced as top Smartphone seller & Overtook by Huawei with gain of 26% in Q1 shipments

Huawei, the Smartphone maker surpassed its main competitor OPPO and emerges out as the largest Smartphone seller in China in 2017’s first quarter, an industry report explained on Thursday.

With the delivery of 20.8 million devices or around 26% year-on-year, Huawei had 20% of the marketplace, according to a report sent by the industry research firm IDC to the Global Times on Thursday.

Huawei’s major competitor OPPO was rated at the second position with 18.9 million units delivered and 18.2% of the market.

Huawei gain this highest success and top position by overtaking the OPPO in the first quarter of 2017 as its latest model launches including Honor V9, P10 and P10 Plus were greatly admired and demanded in the market while OPPO didn’t launch any new product or version in this period, according to the senior market analyst Tay Xiaohan with industry research firm IDC.

The report showed that US-based Apple posted a double-digit year-on-year drop down for the 5th quarter in a row.


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