A Complete Solution for Importing Electric Bikes from China

Importing Electric bikes from China, import e bikes from China
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A Complete Solution to Import Electric Bikes from China

An Electric-bikes is a relatively composite structure of mechanical and electrical modules. Whereas that can be said about many goods, getting your manufactured goods specifications right is dangerous when importing electric bikes from China. Purchasers need to be even more cautious in the US, Europe, and Australia. Electric-bikes and its modules are controlled and the significance of non-fulfillment are serious. We will start this article with technical aspects.

Specifications of Modules and Product

First, the price of the electric bike is completely based on the component structure

(i.e. definite battery models and brands are more costly than others, etc.). Consequently, we cannot compare the prices of electric bikes, but relatively compare sets of modules against each other.

Chinese dealers incline to lack strict internal quality rules including those in the electric bike industry. In repetition, it means that many dealers mainly use any modules they have in store unless we clearly tell them to use particular modules. No, we brief abbot the most important terms when purchasing electric bikes from China.


Electric bike dealers do not make Gears in their industry. These are bought from other dealers as many other modules. Producing gears is not that easy, and exchanging them is costly. And the reason behind this is that most importers favor using brand name gears from trustworthy producers like Shimano.

This does not mean we need to call-up Shimano and organizes them to source our producers of e bikes from China. They are already present in the nation, and all reputable electric bike dealers are already purchasing gears from recognized trademarks.


Choosing the correct motor is not only about quality, but also guidelines in our home nation. The motor wattage is restricted in maximum markets due to speed restrictions. Here below an overview on this:

  • 180W – 250W in the European Union
  • 200W in Australia
  • 350-750W in the United States:

Maximum Electric bike dealers buying motors from native producers in China. That is not essentially anything bad, but the dealer should at least be able to present documents such as CE and RoHS presenting obedience with directives. These are European Union standards therefore not legally required in the United States, Canada or Australia, but performs as a sign of good quality.


The battery generally a Lithium Iron Phosphate which is known as Li-Ion, quality vary in terms of weight, service-life, and capacity. Maximum batteries use battery cells from renowned brands, like Panasonic, Samsung, and Sanyo. The dealer shall also be able to demonstrate that the battery is acquiescent with appropriate product guidelines.


The main problem when choosing a charger is compliance with appropriate electrical safety principles in the destination market. In the case of batteries, a dealer shall be able to display agreement papers such as test reports and certificate of the agreement, that is legal for the exact charger model we are purchasing. There are adequate of poorly built and insecure chargers in China. Low-quality chargers are probably electrical and fire threats.


Maximum importers choose a frame built on design, the material generally an aluminum alloy and mass. The frame is frequently what sets dealers separately in China. Although all-electric bike producers buying most mechanical and electrical modules from subcontractors such as gears from Shimano, various producers make the frame in the production.

It is also probable to custom design frame. But product customization needs investment in added tooling such as molds. Do not expect your dealer to invest on this.

Import E Bikes from China
Photo credit: jurvetson via Foter.com / CC BY

Other modules and terms

A frame with gears and a battery does not add up to a whole electric bike yet. Here below a list of product terms that we shall include on our sales agreement when purchasing electric bikes:

  • Fork – Substantial, Suspension type
  • Handlebar – Substantial
  • Stem – Substantial
  • Rim -Substantial, Category
  • Wheel size -Sizes
  • Tire – Substantial, Sizes
  • Controller – Brushless: Yes / No
  • Brake – Category, Trademark
  • Foldable -Yes / No
  • Frame Colour
  • Logo-Category of print, colors, position, and sizes)
  • Net Mass
  • Max Speed- 25 km/h for European Union bikes and 32 km/h for US / Canada.
  • Loading Capability – usually 90 – 120 kilograms

Established in the United States, Europe or Australia?

Electric bikes, factory-made in or imported to a number of other markets in the United States, Europe or Australia and are a matter to product safety guidelines. Some commands exactly control electric bikes, assembled product, such as European invention safety regular EN 15194, while other directives, like CE and RoHS, control modules including batteries and chargers.

Apart from all-electric bike dealers in China are able to display earlier compliance with western product safety guidelines. Although, we expect that electric bike producers of China not more than 10 to 12 percent can display earlier compliance with European, American and Australian safety principles.

Electric bike dealers in China

A few years back, we were obtaining electric bike dealers in China for a European buyer. We offered a number of well-established dealers, also acquiescent with western product safety guidelines, for the buyer to select from. But the buyer managed to find a cheaper dealer, who offered 10 percent lower price for the similar product.

Far along it turned out that the low-priced dealer did not live up to the purchaser’s expectancy. It turned out to be a highly confused and dusty workshop that mostly put together whatever scrap they could find. The purchaser lost a lot of money, and the low-priced deal turned out to be not much more than an illusion. Keep continue and we will explain why there’s such a huge quality difference between dealers.

Electric bike producers are not building every single component in the factory. At maximum, they build the frame and a few metallic parts, whereas other mechanical and electrical modules are bought from subcontractors.

Assembling electric bikes is not rocket science. But handling a supply chain of high-quality modules in China is not far from it. The modules make the electric bike, and this is the reason why we shall only work with medium to large scale producers, that are capable of handling such a supply chain, rather than disordered workshops.

Consequently, where we find these dealers? Like many other automobile and parts producers, Electric bike dealers are mainly located in Zhejiang province. In case we plan to go there, we will likely end up in any of the below cities:

  • Jinhua
  • Hangzhou
  • Changzhou
  • Yongkang
  • Ningbo
  • Huzhou

The easiest method to get there is by first flying to Shanghai and then take the high-speed train to any of the mentioned cities.

Quality Assertion

There is one more purpose that client nominated a bad dealer. They demanded that their frame evaluated about 20 percent less than their opposition. First of all, low-end dealers do not have access cutting-edge composite materials. Secondly, never make a dealer assortment based on a statement from a random sales agent, that we have never met. Fairly, do not take them by their word even if we meet them.

The only method to confirm that we get the right quality and modules is by applying a strict Quality Assertion procedure. When importing electric bikes from China, the main goal is to:

a.) Categorize modules
b.) Confirm that the producer uses these modules when assembling the electric bike.

We can also help you outline a quality assertion procedure, tailor-made for our project.

Battery delivery limitations

There are limitations in place for delivery batteries of various types. We need to make sure that our dealer is able to deliver a document specifying the trademark, model, and type of battery that comes with our electric bikes. Deteriorating to source such a document may result in your consignment being declined exit in the Port of loading in China or declined entry in the Port of Endpoint.

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