10 Most beautiful places in China

Most beautiful Places China
Most beautiful Places China

Most beautiful Places China

  1. Guilin

In southern China, extreme beauty of world’s top landscapes is famous for Beautiful Mountains, wired caves, and most iconic beauty Li-River.

2. Jiuzhaigou

Valley situated in the eastern part, with icy waterfalls, colorful forests and Snow Mountains give a feel like a paradise.

3. The Great Wall of China

The great wall with the span of 3100 miles from western frontier to east is the iconic symbol of China.

4. Hong Village

An artistic village which looks like a Chinese painting, the diverted water through its house garden gives it an awesome look.

5. Wuyuan

The Wuyuan village is famous for colorful blossom in the rural area. The village is the extreme beautiful month of April by its yellow rape flowers.

6. Xiapu

The pictorial mudflats with gigantic tidal water spreads of Xiapu attract the photographers for its constantly changing scenic view.

7. Zhangjiajie

The limestone precipitate converted into pillars in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park are the best attraction for tourists. The iconic scene in the movie “AVATAR” is taken from this massive forest pillars.

8. The Li -River

The Li- River, surrounded by classic sheer karst hills, attracts everyone for its gorgeous beauty. The Yuanyang Terraced Fields. The most beautiful terraced fields of the Yuanyang look like steps to the heaven.

9. Tibet

Tibet clasps imagination of lost Shangri-La with its unspoiled lake in the top highest peak of the Himalaya.

10. The Yellow Mountain

The curved rocks where various pine tree are grown up. The four main attractions of the place are like hot springs, seas of clouds.


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