Things to consider to import electronics products from China

Things to consider to import electronics products from China
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Importing electronics are a wide concept to understand as well as to explain. Before deciding on the electronic product which is to be imported first we should fulfill the requirements of both the buyer and the manufacturer.

Electronic importers are two types

  • With great technical expertise and large funding
  •  Electronics startups companies

Similarly, the product is also divided into two categories:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM products)
  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM products)

Here is the little explanation about such products

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM Products)

OEM refers to a company that manufacturing a part of a product which is used by another company as an end product or also for another company to repackage and sell. Since OEM requires high technical expertise and a lot of fund investment, it is not suitable for every Company.

Original Design Manufacturer

Original Design Manufacturer companies manufacture items as specified and eventually branded by another firm for sale. ODM is the only option for buyers, especially starters and those with limited budgets and experience.

Importing ODM products from China has many advantages like:

  • ODM products can be modified as per the requirement in respect of color fabric in case of apparel and textile components, software in case of electronics and much more…
  • ODM products save your expensive time in product development.
  • ODM products decide the tooling costs for the e importer.
  • The Supplier can offer a required MOQ for ODM products.
  • ODM products manufacturers can offer a wide selection range for the buyer.

There are many points you need to consider before selecting an electronics manufacturer in China.

Irrespective of whenever you buy OEM or ODM, the importer must consider some points mentioned below:

  • Regulative Compliance
  • Production Capabilities
  • Quality Management System


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