China is Engaged to Celebrate Lantern Festival

China Lantern Festival
China Lantern Festival

China Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated on the New Lunar Year’s 15th day. Traditionally it ends the New Year period of China. It is a sign of the passing of the winter and the declining of darkness. Colorful lanterns are released into the sky and hung from homes to show the new beginning. There will be an array of floats and parades, stilt walker, music, and drums. Families get together to enjoy the remarkable moment together before life goes back to a normal routine.

In Chengdu, the InternChina team and Co. celebrated Chinese Lantern Festival this year with our Language partner school. Various cultural activities were organized such as Chinese paper cutting, quizzes, Tangyuan-making, drinking tea, and calligraphy workshops.

The sweet and spongy dessert is made of glutinous rice flour with the little amount of water. Next activity was calligraphy. This was truly the wonderful time of taking out our inborn artists and has an amazing time with the Chinese calligraphy brush. These brushes are softer and thicker.

In the evening, people get together to the river to release Chinese paper lanterns. It’s peaceful and breathtaking view of seeing the little red and yellow light going higher into the beautiful sky.


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