Chinese are Really Superstitious!

Chinese superstition
Chinese superstition

Chinese are Really Superstitious!

The Chinese culture is quite old and amazing but, it shows superstition too. However, the official restriction of religions are made by the government still people in China are quite superstitious. Most common and seen Chinese superstition enlisted underneath:

Say No
  • Say No to Second-Hand products, The first factor of using second-hand products is a bad impact on reputation as well as another side is getting the bad luck with second-hand products.
  • Say No to Number 4, According to Chinese sociology, number 4 is a digit which is connected to death as per some old saying so, In China, you will not see digit 4 anywhere.
Say Yes
  • Say Yes to white only for Funerals, In China, people do not dress in white clothing unless they are going to Funerals. However, it is rare to see a bride in the white gown.

Yue Zi-The month of Strictness: This is quite scary and annoying that Chinese keep the pregnant ladies discouraged not to bathe even not brushing the teeth too. Some kind of nest soup is also served to them as well as they are bound to get only traditional treatment during this month.

North-Northwest- No home directing there: Chinese don’t head their home’s main door in North or Northwest, this is quite related to feng shui analysis.


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