Shanghai Fashion Week 2017, Labelhood

Shanghai Fashion Week 2017, Labelhood
Shanghai Fashion Week 2017, Labelhood

The original Chinese fashion brand Labelhood organized an immensely successful Shanghai fashion week event in the month of April 2017. The inspiring brilliance of young and talented Asian designers was on the complete show at a warehouse turned intimate showroom. The popular designers include HIUMAN, Andrea Jiapei Li, Push Button, Minki, and many more.

Labelhood emerges out with the unique image as an incubator of edgy strategies and unfettered creativeness while fashion week events were organizing on throughout the city.

The world of fashion is excitedly waiting for the next year’s Labelhood open house where everyone can once again explore the creative ideas brimming around with the fashion scene of Shanghai.

The autumn/winter 2017 catwalk organized in Shanghai Fashion Week will be executed till April 14 but, there have been various world-class actions in tents and abandoned warehouses of leading fashion city of China.

The good collections from the talented young designers launch their brands having coming back to the China after completing their education at the topmost international schools in London or New York, defines the advantages of China’s fashion culture reaping from rapidly increasing global outlook from the industry.



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