What’s More Exciting Than to Keep the Surprise Under Wraps. Gift Wrapping Ideas from China?

Gift Wrapping Ideas
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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Before offering gift to anybody, The Gift should be wrapped in a good manner, and it require the Gift wrapping ideas. Wrapping color plays a major role here, Trade flock is providing some guidelines to wrap gift as below:

Colours Consciousness

One can never go wrong with gifts wrapped in red wrapping sheets as the color is considered auspicious in this culture.

Few other colors which can be used without confusing with unlucky colors are pink, gold and silver color.

Never make the mistake of gifting in yellow, white and black wrappings sheet as it’s only used during funerals to symbolize death or tragedy

Also red ink is considered unlucky so never ever use red color to write anything on the gifts.

Though there could be different views in different regions when it comes to choosing correct color. So, to be doubly sure one can trust on the local gift store to wrap up the gifts in the best suited color as per the regional choices. 

Do not wrap a gift before arriving in China, as it may be unwrapped in customs for inspection. And when the gift is unpacked it is not like as it was earlier. It is not good in Chinese culture that once it is packed it should not be open until it reach to the receiver.

About Red Color

If possible, have your gifts wrapped in red paper, which is considered a lucky color. Plain red paper is one of the few “safe” choices since a variety of meanings, many of which are negative, are attributed to colors in Chinese culture. Red envelopes means very good intensions and wishes. It is the symbol of luck, prosperity and happiness. Generally people give these red envelopes to family and children when there is spring festival. Red color is used in Lunar New Year and wedding ceremonies.

Pink is the symbol of love so it’s better if you are giving gift to your beloved one then wrap it with pink paper. Gold is a symbol of completeness, wealth, metal, God consciousness. It is good if you gift your family and for business. Silver is a symbol of metal (income, wealth), trustworthiness, romance. Chinese wrap gift in silver for their family, friends and business to make them feel good. Yellow is a symbol of nourishing, supporting, stabilizing, ripening, grounded, solid, reliability, sunbeam, warmth, clarity, royalty, good faith. It is better to wrap gift in yellow if you are giving something to your friends. Wrapping in yellow paper with black writing is a gift given only to the dead. Also, do check the variations from region to region about colors.

However, avoid red writing on a card or note. It has negative connotations from the Cultural Revolution because red color is also a symbol of danger and destruction. When there is problem comes in china red flag is used to indicate danger. When some disaster supposed to come government announce red alert.

Avoid white, which is symbolic of death (especially of one’s parents) and black, which is also associated with tragedy or death. Do not wrap a gift in black as it is the symbol of evil, greedy, corrupted. Do not wrap gifts specially for festivals, weddings  or any kind of celebrations.



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