Buying LED Bulb Lights from Chinese Manufacturers- A Complete Guide

Buying LED Bulb Lights from Chinese Manufacturers
Buying LED Bulb Lights from Chinese Manufacturers

Guideline to Buy LED Bulb from China

Thinking to buy LED bulb lights from China? Wait a minute and gather the essential information that you must know. Read on continue to know more about mandatory product specification and other related terms.

Purchase OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) custom or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) private label LED bulb light

Most of the LED bulb light manufacturers provide varieties of ODM products which are designed based on fixed specifications. But in China, the ODM LED bulb lights can be custom-made to a certain extent. Buying this product is the best idea for small purchasers.

Apart from ODM, there is one more option for buyers- OEM LED Bulb Light. It needs technical know-how to design the circuit diagram.

Don’t forget to have a look over the ODM product specification

While purchasing the ODM products, it is essential to check the specification sheet and ensure whether the supplier is providing relevant specifications.

For example:

If you’re planning to buy E14 LED bulb light, you must look for some essential specifications such as

  • AC85-265V input voltage
  • D6*H13.8cm dimension
  • 2700-6500k CCT
  • 560lm lamp luminous flux
  • 20 – 50 ℃ working temperature
  • Cool White CCT color temperature
  • 120 g net weight
  • 50,000 hours working lifetime
  • 50-60Hz work frequency
  • EMC directive, low voltage directive
  • and RoHS certification, Epistar (Taiwan) LED chip
  • D6*H13.8 cm dimension
  • and E14 base type.
Input voltage & frequency

Every nation has distinctive standards for the distribution of electricity. The Chinese manufacturer provides the products well-matched with country’s voltage and frequency.

Lifetime service and warranty period

Generally, LED bulb lights may have a functioning lifetime ranging from 5,000-30,000 hours and sometimes it extends this range. Most of the suppliers provide a warranty for some duration on the basis of working lifetime. The warranty is a better option than replacing the defective units in the future.

LED Chips

The main part of the bulb light is LED chip. There are some suppliers who enable a purchaser to choose the chips of any brand.

Hope information proves helpful to you and assist you in making the best purchase.


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