Deadly mistake made while gifting Chinese

Money from different country.


Giving something like cheese which are not loved in Chinese cuisine

Foreign wine which does not go down well with Chinese taste

Giving a Clock – something that sounds like funeral in Chinese language. Also other signs of negativity include color black, blue or white and items like straw sandals and hankies.

Gifting fruits and food items is considered a sign of being poor and should not be given.

Another blunder is gifting items in group of fours as it’s considered unlucky.

Avoid gifting items having digits 40 or 4 written or marked on them.

Photo credit: Peter O’Connor aka anemoneprojectors via / CC BY-SA

Gifting knives or scissors is a sign of severing ties with a known person.

Photo credit: Didriks via / CC BY

Green color is considered negative when it comes to a hat or a cap as it’s a definite sign of someone committing adultery in family.

Photo credit: quinn.anya via / CC BY-SA




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